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Cadena couldn't take it anymore and put the person responsible for Chivas' bad duel against Atlas

Cadena couldn’t take it anymore and put the person responsible for Chivas’ bad duel against Atlas

Cadena showed one responsible for the bad first half of Chivas

After the first 45 minutes between Chivas and Atlas at Akron Stadium, Mexican coach Ricardo Cadena did not shake his hand to remain in charge of the two goals from the red and black teams.

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If Cadena remains, the three Michel Leno scholarship holders who will leave Chivas

With the idea of ​​settling the match, Ricardo Cadena decided to remove Eduardo Torres, responsible for the two goals scored by Jeremy Marquez in the first half between Chivas and Atlas. On the other hand, in the case of Pavel Perez, there was also a substitution of a more offensive player.

The entry of Sergio Flores and José Juan Macías changed the face of the Rojiblanco team; However, after dissatisfaction with the injury of Mexican striker Alexis Vega, he was forced to make way for Angel Zaldivar to enter.

Series not to use Eduardo Torres again?

Chivas youth team lost a great opportunity to establish themselves in the starting position and Ricardo Cadena will consider returning to the courts of Sergio ‘Mursa’ Flores, who was Marcelo Michelle Linio’s trusted player and now Cadena will start using him more frequently.

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He has better numbers than Zaldivar, but Cadena doesn’t trust him in Chivas

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