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Bridge collapse of Mexico City metro station; There are 20 dead and 70 injured Univision News Events

An elevated track collapsed as a Mexico City subway car was traveling on Line 12 on Monday at around 10:30 p.m., killing at least 20 people and injuring 70 others, according to authorities.

In an initial budget, Miriam Urzua, Minister of Risk Management and Civil Protection, reported 13 deaths, but as wounded rescues were deployed, Mexico City Prime Minister Claudia Shinbaum added seven more deaths to the total. From 20 until now.

He said in a recent press conference that among the dead were minors, although he gave no further details. He also reported that there were “seven serious injuries.”


Eduardo Garcia, a resident of the place, told Univision Noticias: “I heard like an explosion, we thought it was a static gas tank. They mentioned that the column had already collapsed, and they had already said it was about to fall, but they ignored it. We were playing football in the neighborhood when we heard it. We didn’t think about it. Lots of people ran away, so we all ran and saw ambulances. “

Emergency services have arrived to take care of the victims and remove the collapsed convoy, as well as the remains of the damaged structure.

And live television footage showed dozens of rescuers and firefighters ejecting passengers from cars amid twisted iron wires.

The problem arose from Sultana’s expiration date as soon as a train passed and a car got stuck under her, Shinbaum said. The structure was about five meters above the street.

At midnight, the rescue operation was paused because the cart was “very weak” and a crane had to arrive to secure it before work could continue.

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The authorities have empowered public hospitals in Tlahuac, public hospitals in Iztapalapa, Belisario Dominguez, ISSSTE, Magdalena de las Salinas, and Gral. Balboina and Exoco are receiving patients. About 22 ERUM ambulances, 8 from CRUM, 10 Red Cross and firefighters were enabled to attend the emergency.

Carina Jimenez, a resident of San Lorenzo Tysonco, told Univision Noticias: “He won … unfortunately. Now a lot of people are wrong. There are wounded … There are dead … We don’t know how many. My brother-in-law works here at Walmart,” They warned us so that people would come to support the paramedics and the army. “

“This is rush hour, because a lot of people come from work. It comes very saturated … so it’s a very busy hour and a lot of us use it. Fortunately for some, we all occupy it. Unfortunately this is now. We are not exempt at any,” Jimenez said. Place”.

It enables the center to notify relatives

Security forces from all levels of government, including the military, cooperated in the rescue operation while the city government set up a command center to inform the families of the victims and the injured.

The Metro reported that with the exception of Line 12, where the accident occurred, the rest of the transportation system is in operation.

“What happened today on the subway is a terrible tragedy. My solidarity with the victims and their families. Of course, the causes must be investigated and the responsibilities determined. I repeat myself completely at the disposal of the authorities to contribute to whatever is necessary,” wrote on his Twitter account the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, who This metro line opened on October 30, 2012 when he was serving as head of city government.

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The Mexico City metro, one of the largest and busiest metros in the world, has suffered at least two serious accidents since it opened half a century ago, according to the Associated Press.

In 2015, a train that did not stop on time collided with another at a station in Oceania, injuring 12 people, in what the authorities described after a “double human error.”

Our journalists Julio Godenez She collaborated with this report from the scene.