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Blocks and restrictions for non-paying users | Listín Diario

Blocks and restrictions for non-paying users | Listín Diario

Twitter imposed new restrictions on users of the platform, implementing a ban on access to the social network for those users who consult public “tweets” without logging in, and limiting viewing “tweets” to 10,000 posts for verified accounts. social network and to 1,000 “tweets” for unverified tweets.

Twitter owner Elon Musk has implemented “temporary” restrictions on social media, as he seeks, according to what he reported to Addressing extreme levels of data mining and system manipulation.

Musk conveyed this through several posts he shared this weekend on Twitter, where he indicated, at first, that he was setting a viewing cap of 6,000 posts per day for verified accounts.

Similarly, the CEO of Twitter decided that users with unverified accounts can view 600 posts per day, and in the same way, Users with new unverified accounts will have access to 300 posts per day.

However, within an hour, Musk announced that viewing limits would be increased “soon” to a maximum of 8,000 posts per day for users with verified accounts; 800 posts for unverified accounts; And 400 shares for new, unverified accounts.

Finally, after a few hours, the Twitter leader Once again corrected the maximum number of posts users can view. Noting that verified accounts reached a maximum of 10,000 posts, unconfirmed accounts to 1,000 posts, and new unconfirmed accounts to 500 “tweets” per day.

Prevent consulting ‘TUITS’ without logging in

In addition to all this, Twitter has also started blocking access to the social network for those users who consult public “tweets” or profiles without having previously logged into any account.

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So far, People who do not have an account on the platform or who are not logged in, Some public posts can be viewed. They can also access information from public user profiles.

However, as it became known last Friday, the social network no longer allows you to consult public “tweets” or profiles without previously logging in to Twitter. Now, a pop-up screen is displayed with options to enter credentials and login or create an account on the social network.

All these restrictive measures are due to data extraction from Twitter, As noted by Elon Musk himself, who noted that “several hundred organizations (maybe more)” were extracting data from the social network “very aggressively.”

In this sense, Musk explained that this data mining was “affecting the real user experience” on the social network and that is why this practice had to be stopped.