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Birds and science in sign language

Birds and science in sign language

House Sparrow Sign Language Login Photo: bird life bird life

Sparrow, biodiversity or climate change, to name a few, are words and concepts that are collected in oral and written language and those who use one or the other are ideally at hand. But, who expresses and communicates through sign language, and how do they say these words?

There was a problem. Because sign languages ​​often lack specific signs to name a lot of birds, Three Kingdoms species, many commonly used scientific terms, etc. Their language now contains 310 signs to name as many animals, plants, minerals and other concepts of nature, science, research and museums as possible.

Two projects have been responsible for this progress: one from the conservation organization specializing in birds, SEO/BirdLife, and one from the National Museum of Natural Sciences (MNCN). Both have a common goal: to facilitate the participation of deaf people in their visits to nature or museums, as well as their access to scientific knowledge and culture without barriers and under equal conditions.

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