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Bill Gates issued a new warning about the global crisis: these will be the consequences

Bill Gates issued a new warning about the global crisis: these will be the consequences

American president and computer scientist Bill Gates is one of the most influential people when it comes to speaking and expressing his views on issues related to the behavior of society. Among the variables he addressed the most was the pandemic and now he talked about the global economic crisis.

The voice of Gates is mentioned in the world, 66 years old and co-founder of Microsoft, He revealed his habits, beliefs and secrets, which enabled him to become one of the subjects with the greatest capital in the world.

The entrepreneur’s passion revolves around technology, but in a recent interview with a United States channel CNN A computer scientist addresses issues related to economics.

Co-founder of Microsoft He referred to the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia. As a result, it has brought about the effects of inflation in the prices of gas, electricity and other services or goods.

In an intervention by the aforementioned news channel, Gates explained that the current economic climate, coupled with the coronavirus health crisis, will have consequences in economic terms. “Government debt levels were already very, very high, and there were already problems with the supply chain.”

“I’m afraid the pessimists have a strong argument that worries me the most. You can only be pessimistic enough to survive in the short term so you can be optimistic in the long term,” said an entrepreneur from a major tech company.

Therefore, Bill Gates does not hesitate to give a recommendation to people who follow him or listen to him. “Invest with Confidence”.

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According to a new warning from a North American computer scientist, The global crisis will lead to an economic recession in a few years.

“It will accelerate the inflationary problems that the economies of the rich world are having and it will increase interest rates which will cause recession,” the philanthropist asserted.

On the other hand, along the same lines, Rodrigo Cayde Lima, president of Microsoft in Latin America, addressed the issue of digital security in a recent interview with Forbes.

With the advent of digital and its expansion around the world, the topic has moved from focusing only on large companies to what is called an “explosion of use,” says Kade Lima. Thus, Companies need to invest in technology now and “they transform themselves into institutions software”, And that, in turn, has something to do with democratization.

said the president of Microsoft Latin America Cyber ​​security is one of the key factors that is on the agenda and will be more relevant in the future.

“If artificial intelligence is a great opportunity to make companies more competitive, Cyber ​​security and privacy are the biggest risk and the biggest problem we will face for the next ten years.Accurate.

To Engineer Kade Lima, The pandemic has taken its toll on technology and the so-called “attack surface” has expanded after people started working from home, Due to confinement and health restrictions in each country.

As a result, it is not only a security problem connected to the data stored at the source, but because everything is connected, hacking a car or a gas pipeline is possible, the leader analyzes.

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Considering the above, in general, “companies invest heavily in protecting themselves. This is a very serious problem. The next epidemic will be a cyber attack, meaning that if telecommunications are disrupted, it is a Disabling (disabling)”The representative of Latin America warned.