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Biden traslada "todos los recursos" a dilucidar el origen del reciente ataque informático en EEUU

Biden shifts “all resources” to clarify the appearance of the latest computer attack in the United States

US President Joe Biden has confirmed that he has diverted “all government resources” to clarify the origin and cause of the large-scale computer attack received by various US technology companies this Friday.

“We don’t know who it is (…) I have asked the intelligence community to do an in-depth analysis of what happened,” Biden said in the framework of his trip to the state of Michigan. White House.

Thus, The US president has distanced himself from rumors that the attack may have originated in Russia.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Russian President Vladimir Putin’s.

“I (Putin) did not call because we did not know. The initial idea was that it was the Russian government, but we are not yet sure,” he added.

This Friday, thousands of small and medium-sized North American companies, many of them IT companies, were hit by a new large-scale cyber attack by the same group that attacked meat supplier JBS Foods this spring.

The Rev. criminal gang, believed to be operating from Eastern Europe or Russia, this time attacked a software vendor called Casey, whose products are widely used by IT management and other companies, according to a warning. Security Huntress Labs, a company that specializes in computers.

As explained by one of the managing directors, on at least one occasion, companies demanded a ransom of five million to recover their corporate customer data, which is now at risk of ending up in the hands of a high bidder. Of the company, Kyle Hanslowen, CNN.

The attack is the latest in a series of cyber-attacks that have alerted US officials. In May, the attack on the colonial pipeline disrupted fuel exports to gas stations on the East Coast, while the attack on JPS temporarily shut down nine of its American beef processing plants.

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