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Biden formally concludes to wait in Mexico for Trump’s policy on asylum seekers | Univision Immigration News

Management Joe Biden The policy was formally completed this Tuesday Immigrant Protection Protocols (MPP), Commonly known as ‘Stay in Mexico’, An immigration policy that forced asylum seekers to wait in Latin America.

A Seven page document Sent by Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Myorgas, Marks the formal end of policy established during the Trump administration. It should be noted that Biden suspended this project from the very beginning of his administration.

Myorgas He explained that keeping the policy intact or modifying it would not be in line with the “vision and values” of the current administration Maintaining it is a misuse of federal resources.

The implementation of the policy coincided with a sharp decline At the arrival of asylum seekers at the border, But critics point out that people in Mexico are suffering from violent conditions, a lack of access to lawyers, and difficulty getting to court.

Since Feb. 19, 11,200 active people have been able to return to the United States to wait for their cases to be resolved, which could take years in saturated immigration courts. The government has not yet decided on the tens of thousands of additional cases that have been dismissed or dismissed They get another chance.

The move was criticized by a top Republican member of the House Homeland Security Committee He pointed out that it was a “very serious error” This will prevent attempts to reduce the number of immigrants entering the United States. Delegate John Cudco’s comments reveal the perspective Republican Party The situation on the country’s southern border remains a political cripple for Democrats.

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“Common thread in continuous actions From President Biden It defies public knowledge border security policies, while putting our national security in the back burner, ”Gadko said in a written statement.

The Biden government implemented a number of powers mandated by the then president in March last year Donald Trump Quick expulsion of people to Mexico without giving them the opportunity to seek asylum for public health reasons. Myorgas admitted that he planned to eliminate those measures related to the epidemic, but did not give many details about it.

The secretary pointed out that a new list of pending immigration cases (announced on Friday) aims to have cases decided within 300 days. He promised not to elaborate on “other regulatory and policy changes.”.