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Biden administration opens the way to a "green card" for TPS beneficiaries - NBC Los Angeles

Biden administration opens the way to a “green card” for TPS beneficiaries – NBC Los Angeles

Houston President Biden’s government on Friday issued a memorandum that would allow TPS recipients to request a status adjustment that would lead them to permanent residence.

according to PM-602-0188 memoThe government will issue a new travel document for Tepesians, which will allow them – once they are back in the country and inspected by immigration authorities at ports of entry – to apply for permanent modification as legal residents.

USCIS stated in its memo that TPS recipients must meet certain requirements and cases will be analyzed individually.

Requirements to be able to set the status

  • Obtaining a travel permit as a beneficiary of TPS.
  • The determination of the country covered by TPS made by the US government must be valid.
  • The recipient of a TPS has returned to the United States, after his trip, in accordance with the authorization granted by the USCIS.
  • The person is admitted to enter the country at the port of entry.

Currently, residents of Afghanistan, Burma, Cameroon, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela and Yemen are under TPS.

Currently, it is estimated that more than 700,000 people of these nationalities are covered by this temporary status. Venezuelans and Salvadorans are the main beneficiaries of these immigration benefits.

according to National Migration Forumthe largest populations of Tempesians reside in California, Florida, Texas, New York and Virginia.

Attorney Matt Adams is the legal director of the Seattle-based Northwest Immigrant Rights Project.