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Bezos says Branson's flight isn't high enough to be a spacecraft

Bezos says Branson’s flight isn’t high enough to be a spacecraft

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos noted that billionaire Richard Branson’s flight into space tomorrow should not be considered as such because he will not reach a sufficient altitude, 100 kilometers, something he said he will achieve with his manned flight on Blue Origin.

The day before taking off from Branson with his Virgin Galactic plane, which will reach an altitude of 80 kilometers, Bezos tried to downplay the importance of that flight.

space limits

“Only 4% of the world recognizes a limit of 80 kilometers or 50 milesIt’s like the beginning of space. The new Shepherd flies over both. “One of the many benefits of flying with Blue Origin,” the company said in a statement about its aircraft’s mission.

Bezos insisted that space begin at the so-called Karman Line, at an altitude of 100 kilometers, which is the limit his plane would travel.

Tomorrow Branson will fly from New Mexico with three other crew members and two pilots, nine days before the mission planned by the Amazon founder, amid growing competition between billionaires.

Bezos announced in early June his intention to travel to space on a plane from his company, Blue Origin.that has been since the beginning of the century Compete with Virgin Galactic in the profession of passenger transport in aerospace.

With him travels his brother, Mark Bezos, 82, pilot Wally Funk فون s 4th Passenger Wins Blue Origin Auction With $28 Million Payout whose name has not yet been revealed.

Bezos and Branson share an obsession with space with fellow billionaire Elon Musk (Tesla and SpaceX).

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Musk has expressed his desire to establish a city on Mars with a population of one million by 2050, while Branson intends to take the current model of air travel into space, through high-speed flights and transportation to hotels on other planets.

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