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Between Realism and Impatience: This is Biden’s Conversation with Cuban Deputies at the White House | Solidarity Political News

Inside the presidential residence, the center of American power, eleven social figures involved sat at a large rectangular table and chatted with President Joe Biden in the dining room.

Among them is singer Yotuel Romero; Musician and producer Emilio Estefon; Former Miami Mayor Mani Thias; Felice Corrado, Cuban-American entrepreneur and Ana Sophia Belize, co-founder of the “Miami Freedom Project” organization. Also present were members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, Democrats Gregory Meeks and leaders of foreign affairs committees. Bob Menandes, Respectively.

Before Abraham Lincoln’s sight, he was caught in a portrait leading to the room, and Biden began the show. Announcement of new sanctions against Cuban authorities Prohibit victims from entering the United States, do business with any citizen of the country, and freeze any property they may have in the area.

“Until there is a drastic change in Cuba, there will be more (sanctions), something I did not expect,” the president told a group of small journalists at the beginning of the meeting.

Biden did not announce any concrete steps, but noted that “every available option” to explore Internet access for Cubans on the island would be explored so that they could “avoid the imposed censorship”.

He said he had asked the state and treasury departments to submit their recommendations within a month “to prevent the Cuban military from participating and to increase the money transfer that Cubans receive.”

“A ‘band-aid’ does not work”

However, the musician pointed out that “you have to be realistic” and that “Cuba’s cooperation with China and Russia is a very difficult thing to do … the world needs to see what Cuba is.” He added that he was ready to listen to Pitton.

Stephen pointed out that his wife, singer Gloria Estefan, had also been invited to the meeting, but the filming of a movie in which she was participating prevented her from attending. Both established themselves in the United States as strong voices of Cuban discontent.

Biden pointed out that another of those present, former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, said the situation in Cuba had become “a national security issue.”

“About fifteen times during this meeting the president said that the people of Cuba need to be heard, that they have the opportunity to spread their message around the world. Obviously they can’t now. That is his main personal goal,” Dias said.

The former mayor said the president had asked them a number of questions and promised that guests would speak more during the meeting.

Following the meeting, Senator Menendez, of New Jersey and Cuban descent, Mentioned in the report It continued that “the regime must take responsibility for its severe repressive measures by exploring new ideas and new ways of working with the Biden administration to support the Cuban people.”

The great absence was marked by the Republicans. The White House did not respond to a series of inquiries by UN notices to find out whether they refused to attend the event or were not invited. Senator Marco Rubio, One of the Republicans of Cuban descent spoke highly of the situation on the island.

However, a senior executive, who asked not to be identified, emphasized that the talks with UNICEF notice had been held “with those across the political spectrum” and that the meeting was only “the beginning of regular contact with the Cuban-American community” to formulate appropriate policies to support the Cuban people.

Republican lawmakers in the United States and the Cuban diaspora have called on the Democratic administration to take strong action against Cuba.

On Monday, Cuba’s largest demonstration took place in front of the White House. Thousands of people, co-chaired by lawyer and activist Maurice Naranzo, called for Biden to seek “humanitarian intervention” through UN-established ethics.

“We must overthrow that government, bring about a complete change, establish a new democratic government, establish a law, and from there, introduce aid to the Cuban people,” Naranzo said. .

Not all of them

“This is a group that does not fully represent the entire diaspora,” Naranzo, who left the island in 2008, told UN Notice.

He acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government, but said that maintaining some independence was not the answer.

According to some in the crowd, Friday was not Biden’s last conversation with Cuban dissidents. According to Mani Theas, the president has promised to continue these talks.

The question is whether there will be Republican representation in the White House for those future events, which calls for drastic action by the US government in Cuba.

In the distance from Lafayette Square, if new meetings take place, certainly inside the White House, the cries and shouts of Naranco-led Cuban opponents will continue to be heard, he vowed to keep the struggles alive. Weekends.

“Until the Cuban people demand their independence, we will continue to press the United States,” Naranzo said with significant interest in his voice.