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Berhalter will seek to "steal" the zendas in the coming months

Berhalter will seek to “steal” the zendas in the coming months

future of Alexandre Zendegas On the subject of selections is still uncertain, because although he wants to play with it Mexicohas not yet signed the agreement whereby he agrees to give up USA national team.

This caused the North American team to be “stolen” from the national team. and that is Greg BerhalterThe Stars and Stripes coach has confirmed that he will consider a team striker America in the coming months. He even confirmed that he had already called him.

Alexandre Zendegas On our radar, he’s been a part of our youth program and grew up in Football. We watched him and spoke to him on the phone. “We will take that into account in the coming months,” he added.

However, in Mexican Football Federation Come to the player the Eagles As an essential piece for the future of the national team ever since Louis Young Confirmed that he was “designed” for World Cup 2026.

“We know the player is in a very good moment now, in the interest of mexican national team Not from now, there is already time, and in this sense the will of the national teams, expressed by our men’s team manager, which is Jaime UrdialesDirectly with the player and with the club he belongs to, we are at the level of the national team that we want in the medium and long term.” FMF for TUDN.

Alejandro Zendegas after the USA game

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