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baseball.  Luis Urías hit three home runs with Mexico at halftime

baseball. Luis Urías hit three home runs with Mexico at halftime

the Mexican national team was responsible for break zero on the blackboard in duel with Japan In the Semi-finals affiliate world classic baseball, And do it with An amazing home run to luis urias, What did he give to three His first three matches in the historic match.

How was the house running Luis Urillas? | video

game in Loan warehouse garden It started with a great archer’s side-by-side duel between Ben Patrick Sandoval and Rocky Sasakiso the first three roles went to zero, but gave a good show.

there was Fourth inning (high) when the home of Magdalena de Kino, Sonora, to hit With which he sent the ball to the other side of the Miami stadium fence, Ben left and center fields, generate it Naughty Tellez And Isaac Wallsalong with Urías himself, would score.

if Mexico Managed to maintain the advantage on the board, the Mexican will play ninth World Baseball Classic Final in view of United Statewho secured his spot in the title game by hitting Cuba.

When will the 2023 World Baseball Series Final be?

last game World Classic Baseball This will be disputed Tuesday 21 March In the city of Miami, Florida. The duel will begin at 5:00 pm in central Mexico.

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