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Barcelona beats Cobresal in the Copa Libertadores and secures its place in the Sudamericana qualifiers  Football |  Sports

Barcelona beats Cobresal in the Copa Libertadores and secures its place in the Sudamericana qualifiers Football | Sports

FC Barcelona ended its participation in the Copa Libertadores by defeating Cobresal 2-1 at the Monumental Stadium, thus ensuring its participation in the tournament. Playoffs From Sudamericana for the second half of the season.

As soon as the match started, the Canary team tried to control the ball and, as usual, began to recharge its attacks on the wings through Janner Corozzo and Adonis Preciado.

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The yellow card, which was quite sharp, marked the first score 10 minutes into the game. Luca Sosa succeeded in exchanging the ball with Damian Diaz, avoided the opponents’ marks and passed a low cross from the left wing to Francisco Wiedrzewski to finish the match with great quality and make the score 1-0.

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he Keto He continued to be the best player in front of the opponent’s goal, and he was the one who would score the second goal. With a powerful shot from his right foot from a free kick, and with the participation of the Mineros goalkeeper, the Canary number 10 increased the lead in the 17th minute of the first half.

With the result and control of the match, the locals slowed down and started to use up their energy considering the weekend’s clash against Mushok Runa in the Pro League.

The Canaries continued to play in midfield and the numbers of Leonay Souza and Jesús Trindade began to grow. The two midfielders were responsible for recovering the ball and starting attacks.

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After not wasting much time, the referee merely added an additional minute, bringing the first half of the international match to an end.

Barcelona took the field to face the second half with the same eleven that started the match. the MinersFor their part, with the aim of reducing, they made a series of changes.

With a completely different face, Cobresal advanced through the lines and disturbed the opponent’s goal. After a wonderful cross from the left side, Nicolas Ramirez and Sosa lost their marks and Gastón Lezcano was able to shoot a solo header past Javier Burray, but he made a mistake and was unable to score.

Thanks to his persistence, he will be rewarded. Diego Coelho shot a ball with his left foot from outside the area, which crept into the local goalkeeper’s right corner in the 71st minute.

Little by little, the guests began to improve in their performance and were able to penetrate the Argentine-Ecuadorian fence on more than one occasion, to the point that they almost tied the match. Franco Lobos found an unmarked space and finished the ball, but Burai blocked it, thus avoiding a 2-2 scoreline.

Neither team suffered further harm and the score ended 2-1 in favor of the home team. With this victory, the Guayaquilino team ranked third with 6 points, while the Chileans finished last with only one point. (Dr)