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Barcelona achieved a long-term victory over Mallorca, reach the top of La Liga and are now focused on the Champions League

Barcelona achieved a long-term victory over Mallorca, reach the top of La Liga and are now focused on the Champions League


90 + 3″ match ends

Barcelona had to struggle to win another La Liga victory. Mallorca culé defeated Javier Aguirre 0-1 in their visit.

The culé team is at the top with 19 points and if Real Madrid do not win or draw against Osasuna, they can stay in first place.

Barcelona is now focused on the Champions League and in a difficult match against Inter Milan, the Italians come into the match after losing to Roma 1-2.

89′ Mallorca got it! Korean Kang In Lee entered the area and cut and shot, his shot opened and Barcelona was saved.

87 ‘ Dani Rodriguez’s shot that calmly stops Ter Stegen. The culé goalkeeper is always safe.

84 ‘ Change in Mallorca, Iago Júnior enters and leaves Ruiz de Galarreta.

82 ‘ A mistake by Martin Valgent on Ferran Torres to be the second booked by Mallorca in the match.

79 ‘ Another double change in Barcelona, ​​Ferran Torres and Sergi Roberto entered, and Dembele and Jordi Alba left.

77 ‘ A new change in Mallorca Jaume Costa leaves injured and enters Brian Covery.

74 ‘ Yellow card for Sergio Busquets, fourth for Barcelona. Play pieces promised by Mallorca.

70′ Mallorca clings to the opportunity and complicates the last minutes of Barcelona.

67′ By the way, see the data that Barcelona just released.

66 ‘ Double change in Barcelona: Pedri and Ravenha enter, Casey and Ansu Fati leave. In the same window, Mallorca replaces Dani Rodriguez with Antonio Sanchez.

61 ‘ A shot from Kessié goes wide in the frame of Predrag Rajkovi, the goalkeeper of Mallorca.

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59′ The intensity of the match decreased. Mallorca is waiting for her chance, but she does not risk it.

53 ‘ By the way, a very complete match from Kessié, the former Milan was safe with the ball and contributed a lot to the mark.

51′ Once again Ter Stegen: The goalkeeper showed an amazing hand to take the equalizer from Antonio Sanchez. There is an angle.

48 ‘ The same trend in the first half, Barcelona comfortable with the ball.

Let’s start the second half: Barcelona wants to take the lead from Real Madrid.

First half ends: Barcelona beat Mallorca with a goal from Lewandowski, who has already scored nine goals this season.

45 + 1′ Raylo Busquets hits his shoulder, the Barcelona player lies down and the assistance protocol is activated.

four five’ Casey gets the yellow card to block the Mallorca attack led by Pablo Maffeo.

44 ‘ Barcelona forces Mallorca to leave his field.

42 ‘ Jaume Costa comes down to Baldi and Gil Manzano doesn’t touch his heart and it’s Mallorca’s first warning, Barcelona has two.

40′ Gil Manzano sacks Oscar Hernandez, Xavi’s brother and Barcelona assistant. He previously claimed an error on Gavi.

39 ‘ Now Piqué is booked to enter from behind on Iddrisu Baba, and the VAR checks for red.

38 ‘ Christensen arrives late, Muriqui comes down and Gil Manzano, the match official, gives him a yellow card. It’s the first warning of the match.

3. 4′ Paradon Ter Stegen! Jaume Costa got the equalizer, but the German fired a shot from close range which he fired after a cross from Antonio Sanchez.

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32 ‘ Lewandowski’s header after a corner kick went away, it was a corner kick, but the referee called for a goal kick.

31 ‘ Barcelona owns the ball and works with the second…

27′ The goal changed Mallorca’s game, and now Barcelona is in control of the entire game.

25 ‘ Fati flew alone, but he was sneaky, in the previous play there were two heads, one by Liwa and the other by Pique.

23 ‘ “Tito” reached his ninth goal in the Spanish League, and the current pole is Pichichi.

twenty GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLAZO from Barcelona, ​​in Lewandowski’s first task after entering the area with the dominant ball, he made a cut and a powerful shot to beat the goalkeeper.

19 ‘ Mallorca is very well organized, typical of the “Vasco” Aguirre team. When it’s their turn to attack, they don’t hesitate to show all their verticality.

16′ Busquets is not feeling well, he is touching the adductor. It’s testing to see if it lasts, everything indicates that it is.

14′ Dembele’s shot that goes past Rajkovic’s frame. We continue 0-0.

12′ The pass from Kessié to Lewandowski was left alone, but did not reach the ball to locate it. Mallorca goalkeeper Rajkovic got the ball.

10′ Mallorca has arrived! Kang In Lee took a shot from the edge of the penalty area raising the home team’s fans.

8′ By the way, Lewandowski had little contact with the ball. The electrode must lag in order to contact the ball.

6′ Maffeo blocks a shot from Ansu Fati, we will have a good duel on Mallorca’s right flank / Barcelona’s left.

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4′ The Gavi shot that goes away. The youth squad overtook the Mallorca Bulletin and took a shot.

two’ Jordi Alba insists, the winger wants the opportunity Xavi gives him.

Start the match! La Xavineta is back in action after the national team’s break. The culés want to grab the leadership.

Confirmed Fonts

Mallorca: Rajkovic. Maffeo, Valjent, Raíllo, Copete and Jaume Costa; Gallarita, Papa, Antonio Sanchez; Kang In Lee and Moriki.

Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Balde, Hammered, Christensen, Jordi Alba; Busquets, Casey, Jaffe; Dembele, Lewandowski and Ansu Fati.