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Banreservas announces its Expohogar 2022 real estate exhibition

Banreservas announces its Expohogar 2022 real estate exhibition

Reserve Bank announced real estate exhibition Expohogar Banreserve 2022Which takes place throughout the month of July, with an interest rate starting from 9.81% and extensive facilities for customers.

During the exhibition, the bank arranged financing of up to 90% of the value of the house, with a payment term of up to 20 years and a flexible installment method. While for the SME sector, entrepreneurs will get 70% credit coverage for commercial premises and a tenure of 10 years for payment.

To pre-qualify, those interested can visit more than 300 offices the ban Throughout the territory, in addition to having various digital channels of the bank at your disposal to process financing, such as the call center of the ban, by calling 809-960-2121; Chat through . page the ban and institutional application, where they can chat And to be instructed by the business officials of the financial institution.

All Expohogar 2022 buyers will participate in the final raffle where they can win repayment of the loan or insurance fee for one year, plus get discounts at allied stores and other prizes.

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Expohojar the ban It is implemented every year with the support of the real estate sector and citizens, in search of facilitating people’s access to their homes, encouraging small and medium businesses and contributing to reducing the housing deficit in the country.

The Bank has a large team of business officials to advise buyers, analyze and manage financing approval.

In addition to being able to select available housing units from major contractors and real estate developers across national geography, interested parties can manage the financing of ready-made homes sold by individuals and independent businesses.