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Bad Bunny breaks the Olympics in concert

Bad Bunny breaks the Olympics in concert

Puerto Rican urban singer bad bunny It is enshrined in the land of the Dominicans.

Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, the first name of the 28-year-old Reggaeton player, showed it in his first two nights against a team. Olympic Stadium His feet are completely full.

The scene that is repeated intact in all stages, as it was shown on his tour.The most important tour of the world” Great party simulator on the beach.

This way, at 9:49 PM, the music download started with “Summer Without You” and sings all the international songs from this new album, which is already nominated Latin Grammy.

“Moscow Mule”, “Walk Kindly” and “Short Period” They turned on the attendees, so much so that they only lowered the wave in slightly romantic songs like “Vete” and “La cancion.”

bad bunny He arrived dressed very tropically, imposing white in appearance almost entirely. Halfway through the show, he takes off his tennis shoes to get more into the sun, beach, and sand chorus character.

urban artist ru alexander He was the first guest who sang with him “Ceremony”.

He didn’t stop performing the pelvic movements that fans expected and performed his new and viral song “Punto 40 Año 2077”.

Reggaeton, dembow, trap

Bad Bunny lasted for about three hours on stage. (supplied)

Everything that includes urban areas was enjoyed by him. Reggae, snare, electronic music, dembo and mambo were the signature tunes.

“Where are those who want Perio tonight?” he repeated. bad bunny Warm welcome. A positive aura of optimism kept the artist close to 60,000 souls in capacity, a figure announced by the organizers.

He performed the same intonation as in his recorded songs. He continued with “La Corriente” in collaborations with Puerto Rican Tony Daisy, “Tarot”, “Efecto” and “Neverita”, which is the closest thing to electric pop from the nineties

Bad Bunny let him know that this wasn’t just a night, but a party in DR, He even went on to explain his latest world number one productions as “Me porto bonito”, recorded with Chencho Corleone, which only reached 448 million views on YouTube.

“You feel the RD card. Don’t get tired, we’re ready to stay,” he said as the minutes advanced around 10:00 at night.

At that moment he paused for what was new and made a mix of his previous productions “X100pre” and “YHLQMDLG” and allowed them to sing “La Romana” in unison, but without El Alfa.

The short comeback journey, since the singer-songwriter came on the scene in 2016, has continued with pure international hits: Love It, with Cardi B and J Balvin and “Te boté remix”, the billion-plus song on YouTube that made him acquaintance with Ozuna.

“I’m also having a good time. Since I got off the plane I’ve felt like an RD card”keep up the conversation bad bunny In front of a cheerful audience. Sometimes he would stop to marvel at how the fans hesitated at the event.

concept party

concert bad bunny It was a visual and conceptual spectacle. It wasn’t a big theater set up, it was a concept from start to finish. It can be said that it is a description of the album “Summer Without You” from the first song to the last.

artificially but very well achieved,Rina, coconut trees, beach chair, radiator (Like the song) The big giant screen was the main attraction. Each element has its own reason for being bad bunny He appeared amidst a cloud of smoke, with a small cooler and a cup in his hand, and sat down and began to sing.

The large L-shaped stage allowed the urban artist to get close to his fans on his first night in Olympic Stadium Felix Sanchez.

in 2022, Coldplay with their “Music of the spheres” tour s bad bunny They presented similar experiments in terms of concept and assembly.

In another stage of the show, bad bunny I know Well-supported artificial “coconut bush” climbing It passes through the entire stadium from a great height. Experienced land and exponent stands “from there to there”.

The artist thanked the Dominican Republic at all times, this country was an influence when composing and highlighted Creole rhythms.

Pure Reggaeton arrived with “Whistle” and “Dance Alone”then returned to “Summer Without You” to continue the phrase “ask me titi”, one of the most awaited events and with a message behind it: the virility that men absorb from home and by family members.

“Titi asked me if I had many girlfriends, many girlfriends, today I have one and tomorrow another, but there is no weddingsays the verse from the dembow that has another Dominican influence with guitar chords taken from the bachata by Anthony Santos.

“Yonaguni” and “Callaíta” were among the most famous.

Diverse dancers from Bad Bunny

Dance teams had a unique energy. They were both heroes. Varying in height, weight, and sexual orientation, they pretended to be a chorus of friends; They changed outfits according to the trend and went from wearing neon outfits to partying on the beach with swimwear, glasses and hats.

bad bunny He did not rely on this unmentioned co-op party. And he didn’t need them.

He remembered his beginnings a bit again and sang trap songs in most of his cases sincere: Tell them, come back, kill me, don’t put a goat (In tribute to Hector El Sr.) and I’m worse.

As a loyal fan of dembo, the second guest was the new ace Angel Dior, who came on stage enthusiastically, having his first experience in everything related to music.

Yes, he has only three months of his career and tried to sing the viral theme (AEI), but it seems that this recording was made in an impromptu group and tonight he lost the live broadcast in an attempt to move to the rhythm of the fast and incomprehensible subject.

His happiness was remarkable, and the audience applauded him amidst the honors bad bunny, who by then, two hours without a break, was already practicing dancing and had taken off his tennis shoes. He also had wine.

La Kisty, a transgender character from social networks, was uploaded to show what looked like viral parties 42 Capoteloa hot neighborhood where some international city dwellers have registered.

The Rabbit was leading fans to the main stage, who joined the dancers.

the party

image enlargement

Thus the concert continued until about 1 am.

“From the bottom of my heart, thank you Santo Domingo, thank you Dominican Republic”The words were “Bad Rabbit” while they were calling him by his name Benito, Benito! “.

“There is no Bad Bunny without the support of the Dominican Republic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”, confirmed.

for “Blackouts” She expressed Puerto Rican pride and asked all Puerto Ricans present to make a noise. In that song, the Olympic “turned off” to leave in the background Another reviewthe power outages afflicting Puerto Rico, but at the same time the desire of the citizens that everything improves on their island.

The fact is no different from the Dominican Republic.

The climax segment was with “Little Eyes” and “Encore”. Fans who stayed on stage, as in other shows, worked to make the party feel great.

And so he said goodbye to rhythm “After the beach”the mambo that got the audience moving and stepping into the merengue steps, and turned the stadium into a huge dance floor under a shower of fireworks that left Dominicans and foreigners happy and satisfied.

Parties bad bunny It is produced by Jamal Hash.

image enlargement
The ceremony was crowned with fireworks. (supplied)

Polling and cheating problems

Before the concert, many people denounced on social networks that they were victims of fraud to buy virtual tickets. The Dominican model and the “influencer” Leiden Bernards She said she was a victim of fraud and fraud after being contacted to promote a purchase Form tickets Digital By someone (he didn’t know he was a fraud) to the “Bad Rabbit” parties.

Already in the stadium, in front of the post offices Uepa . ticketsLong queues of people were observed who were about to validate their tickets. Many of those who went found their ballot papers invalid and were waiting for responses from employees.

Problems occurred on both physical and digital ballots.

“These people are playing with the fans, we are the ones who came from now,” complained a young man who preferred to have his name deleted and traveled from Punta Cana.

Passionate about art, culture, tourism and radio. He writes in the magazine section of Diario Libre. Graduated in Social Communication by UASD and MA in Communication and Corporate Identity from UNIR.

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