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Bachelor of Science in Education with the best average

The Bachelor of Science in Education was the best average in the National University of the South’s 370 degree pool, the first corresponding to 2022.

Evelyn Daniel Arriagada (photo) had an average score of 9.36 and was the most outstanding student in the outdoor event, at the beach at 1253 Alem Avenue.

The group was chaired by the President of the University, Dr. Daniel Vega, and the departments of Agronomy, Management Sciences, and Health Sciences participated. Geography and Tourism – whose Dean, Professor Cecilia Rodriguez (who was responsible for the speech), humanities, electrical and computer engineering, chemical and chemical engineering, biology, biochemistry and pharmacology, computer science and engineering, law, economics, educational sciences, engineering and geology which was Its Dean, Dr. René Bouy, is in charge of the graduates’ farewell speeches.

The full list of the 95 Super Beneficiaries is as follows:

Doctor of Agricultural Engineering: Jose Carballo.

MA in Management: Ariel Sebastian Palmiste.

Master in Collective Health: Devora Isolda Eliosov and Sergio Alejandro Filovic.

Agronomist: Andres Antonio Barbero, Favio D’Annunzio, Joaquin Adolfo Gonzalez Chaves, Hugo Ignacio Henriquez, Selena Ines Lorlund, Isolena Perez and Hernán Redondo.

University Technician in Parks and Gardens: Paula Viviana Hyland.

Accountant General: Julian Ispetart, Evan Ariel Carrion, Marilyn Giovanna Koslowski Ancachay, Ignacio Nicolas Illino, Gonzalo Ezequiel Martinez Sal, Diana Andrea Baghian Fabian, Florencia Perez Rossini and Catalina Sebastian.

Bachelor of Management: Maria Laura Catala, Amparo Fernandez and Juan Pablo Zubes.

Senior Technician in Resource Management and Organization for University Institutions: Paula Mabel Urbina.

Nurse: Belen Nicole Ferreira, Annabella Fuente, Martina Gonzalez, Lara Victoria Marilan Nogues, Celeste Aileen Menendez, Fernanda Lorena Balalif.

Bachelor of Nursing: Valeria Yolanda Marrero.

Architect: Carla Brunella Lucarelli and Anna Cecilia Tribbiani.

Bachelor of Tourism: Ana Estefania Falzoni Ortiz, Sofia Menville, Andres Moura and Agustin Manuel Pena Gimino.

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Degree in Philosophy: Joaquin Collado. Electronic Engineer: Maria Sol Eileen Diez.

University Technician in Intelligent Industrial Electronic Systems: Leandro Nahuel Umbert.

Chemical Engineer: Gonzalo Ariel Barez, Sophia Belen Bilbao and Martin Luis Antonio Negri.

Food engineer: Ivana Veronica Champi.

University Technician in Industrial Processes: Aileen Soledad Camberi, Luciano Canossa and Melissa Antonelia Morales.

Bachelor of Chemistry: Luciana Rove.

University chemical technician: Agustín Isaac Virkel and Danilo Andrés De Queiroz Prado.

Doctor of Geology: Mercedes Virginia Barros and Giulietta Cecilia Carbonella.

Business Law Specialist: Lorena Rossio Belmonte.

Criminal law specialist: Estela Alejandra Aguero and Sebastian Benigno Lopez.

Specialist in Family, Children and Adolescent Law: Maria Laura Perterix and Ariel Antonio Garcia.

Specialist in economics and management of health services: Maria Ernstina Rig.

Biochemist: Rita Alexia Protty and Giulietta Paula Kappa.

Pharmacist: Camila Coyes, Maria Michaela Reyes, Sofia Daniela Taboada, Belen Taveres and Josefina Tyron.

Bachelor of Biological Sciences: Anna Victoria Pucci and Antonella Diez.

Certificate in Educational Sciences: Evelyn Daniela Arrigada.

Computer engineer: Nicholas Maximiliano Martin.

Information Systems Engineer: Luciano Ezequiel Fuentes and Constanza Giorgetti.

Lawyer: Florencia Jimena Benítez, Nicolas Martin Burgos, Franco Santiago Castaldi, Fermin Galendez, Maria Jose Gonzalez, Santiago Nicolas Messina, Melina Luana Mugione, Leila Pallavedino, Julian Ernesto Pinto and Micaela Agostadaligo Romero.

BA in Public Security: Maria Guermina Escot Miglerini.

Degree in Economics: Agustín Amigo Orge, Agustín Ezequiel Pinto Subotich, and Axel Ariel Suárez.

Bachelor of Geosciences: Geraldine Lilin Luna and Franco Piccinetti.

Surveying Architect: Agustín Alejandro Champredonde.

Civil Engineer: Juan Manuel Segatori.

Industrial Engineer: Yizel Lindra Barbosa Otenano, Federico Nahuel Segas, Sebastian Crevatín and Gonzalo Garcia.

Mechanical Engineer: Juan Cruz Berraondo Escobar.

Words from a graduate

“Today I’m standing here, receiving my bachelor’s degree, but in 2015 I wasn’t here, I was standing on the 503 bus heading for my first class of college. My college trip back to my home kitchen, face to face with my parents, the time I told them I wanted to become Geologically. In that first semester, when I began to realize that the university might have been different from what I imagined or what I imagined. It was hot in March, with 60 people in the classroom, and the teacher at the front talking to the tense and anxious faces that marked” New faces.” The teacher closed the class saying, “You came to university to learn to think.” Geology graduate Franco Piccinetti, said in today’s group, “Today, seven years later, I can assure you that this statement is 100% correct.”

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“First of all, I would like to congratulate the graduates for being role models for perseverance, for demonstrating that the end or the beginning can be reached. Congratulate them for having experienced frustrations and pain and yet never let their arms down. For their efforts in giving up the family weekend to pass the midterm. We felt That this day was so far away, now we may be overwhelmed with nostalgia and gloom when we realize that the corridors of UNS are so much more than just corridors.

“Secondly, I want to address the students who are starting. Everyone present here is well aware of what it means to be a student. Let me tell you that the most important advantage of reaching your goal is not intelligence, it is not talent, let alone vitality. It is resilience. Allow yourself to doubt, allow yourself Thinking, allow yourself to participate, and allow yourself to enjoy, because I promise you two things: that time passes, and at the end of the road the feeling of satisfaction is greater than anything else Share and engage and express yourself and be true to your values ​​and structures Surround yourself with people who pull the rope to the same side and the same power, and you’ll see how the track becomes more interesting.

“Third, Heading to College. To the teachers who convey their passion with such kindness and warmth, who use their time to carry out the most difficult task of all: spreading knowledge and teaching us to think. Thank you to the Department of Geology for making all its tools available, for instilling the importance of effort and teamwork, and for helping us define our personal and professional profile. I feel nothing but pride and gratitude to have graduated from this house of studies.

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Finally, thanks to the support, guidance, containment and shelter for all of us, our families. Because we are our refuge, our hub, and our meeting point. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this time, it’s that there is no such thing as individual success. This achievement is yours, too. On October 29 last year, I defended my thesis and received a letter in my father’s handwriting, in which he said that there are a few moments when we feel it is all worth it. Today is one of those moments. Thank you to my friends, for the warmth of their hug, for the unconditional support in every one of our decisions, for standing behind us, supporting us and pushing us to be a little better every day. What is to come will appear, but thanks to you, the foundation and foundations are more than solid, ”concluded Franco.