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Awarding the BAL-UNAM Geosciences Prize 2021

Awarding the BAL-UNAM Geosciences Prize 2021

He said UNAM is the leading training and research company in our country, and its students have the potential to lead the nation. Alejandro Belair Mobile.

UNAM Dean, Enrique Grauwe Witchers, chaired the 2021 BAL-UNAM Earth Sciences Awards Ceremony, during which he highlighted that applied scientific research in strategic productive areas such as geology, mining, petroleum and mineral chemicals, is of particular importance.

This type of recognition, he said, is a space for convergence, growth, and professional stimuli; They encourage creative innovation and strengthen links between national university alumni and key actors in the public and business sectors.

In addition, it allows the training of professionals who deal with all ethical and scientific rigor, specific problems that exist in our country.

In a remote celebration, the Rector thanked the BAL Group for its trust in UNAM and emphasized that the award – being awarded for the fourth time – reinforces the gratitude of the students of the University to Mr. Alberto Baillères, for his enduring commitment to higher achievement. Education and his charitable work and for everything he did for our nation.

The Dean congratulated the nine winners. “Know that UNAM is very proud, not only of what it has achieved today, but also of the path they have taken and of the promising future that I am sure awaits them,” he said.

Arturo Fernández Pérez, President of the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, read a letter from the President of the BAL Group, Alejandro Belier-Jawal, in which he stated that Mexico is called to be an industrial and economic power, that UNAM has the leadership in training and research in our country, and its students possess all the human potential to prepare and lead the nation , in the coming years, to this great destination.

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“I am convinced that the university’s mission in favor of research is essential to achieving this goal, because the high-level human capital that we so desperately need is being formed at the university and the creative, innovative and creative professionals that Mexico needs for their social advancement are empowered. We are widely aware that UNAM is at the forefront of this Tasks The Alberto Baillères Foundation expresses that it is enthusiastically sponsoring this award and these scholarships,” he said.

He also pointed out that the development of knowledge through science and research is a collective responsibility that can only be achieved through an irreplaceable alliance between the public, university and business sectors.

Dionisio Med y García de Leon, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UNAM Foundation, previously stated: “Don Alberto, with Grupo BAL, has demonstrated his generosity by creating a scholarship program for academic excellence, particularly for professions related to Earth sciences. Nearly 1,400 students receive economic support of up to to 12,000 pesos during the annual academic year.

He added, “How can we not mention the training and training program that opened spaces for students related to professions related to Earth sciences.”

Representing the winners, Mauricio Buendia Milan emphasized that the award makes them responsible as examples to the rest of their colleagues, so that they can achieve their goals, regardless of the difficulties they face.

“We need to make our work a passion, prepare ourselves as best as possible; study or work with the greatest enthusiasm, it will make the situation better, at least in our environment,” he said.

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He also thanked the BAL Group for the recognition that is an incentive for students to give their best and conduct high-level research, allowing steps to be taken towards solving Earth science problems.

Prize winners

Undergraduate winners are: Mauricio Buendía Millán, for the work “Determining the Fragility and Softness of Rocks from Good Geophysical Records”; Julio Cesar Andrade Argueta, with the paper “Structured Geological Characterization of the Pinuela Volcanic Complex, State of Puebla”; and Lilia Lisbeth Bastida Ortiz for the dissertation “Zariation of mass movements in the Huahua Basin, Sierra Costa de Michoacan”.

At the master’s level, Diana Minerva José José was awarded for the thesis “Designing an instrument for determining the trapping mechanism of a drill string”; To Pedro Pablo Cortés Guerrero, for his paper “Increasing the temporal resolution of the seismic image, reducing the effect of stretching in the trace”; and to Dainiel Valdés Suárez, for the work “Seismic Characteristics for Identification and Characterization of Carbonate Surfaces in the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridgian South Tampico-Misantla Basin, Central Eastern Mexico”.

In doctoral studies, Alexis del Pilar Martinez is honored for his work “Evolution of the Polymorphic System of Natural Faults in Southern Mexico’s Central Plateau: Implications for Development of Areas Affected by Triaxial Fragile Deformation”; To Van Huong Le, for a thesis”Cupola-based modeling to predict petrophysical properties using seismic characteristics as secondary variables”; and José Alberto Macías Vargas with research “Decomposition of Ciprofloxacin using Low Grade Titanium Ore, Persulfate and Artificial Sunlight”.