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AuronPlay asks kids not to drop out of school to devote themselves to Twitch

AuronPlay asks kids not to drop out of school to devote themselves to Twitch

Make it straight And dedicate direct to Platforms like YouTube or Twitch It’s something It has become “fashionable” among young people, increases if you reveal large amounts of money in the pocket of some characters, such as AuronPlay, remote Your earnings leakedAnd Send a message to the children.

Raul Alvarez’s genes, known as AuronPlayAnd Ask boys and girls from all over the world Don’t drop out of school to devote yourself to Twitch or other platforms, because so few people are “lucky enough to live on them,” making it clear that making that decision would be a huge mistake.

AuronPlay Message for Kids

behind the Purification from How much did I earn on Twitch, AuronPlay He was live on his channel and touched on the topic, Emphasizing that children should not have it as a reference, neither he nor Ibai Llanos or Rubius, Well, they were lucky to be famous but the truth is that it is very difficult and takes a lot of work.

it annoys me Is that there boys and girls they say AuronPlay is 3 million, I’m leaving school Because I want to be like AuronPlay. It annoys me. It’s not easy.. study, make an effort, don’t quit your studiesDon’t take me, Ibai or Rubios as an example, we were lucky, many factors. Don’t think you’ll get into Twitch and the next day you’ll be a millionaire.”AuronPlay admitted.

The streamer advertiser annoying because there Many young people who think they will solve their lives by directing The fact is that this is not so, because in order to succeed you need luck, a lot of work and effort and very few people live on this platform.

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Gave important information, where admits that 99.2% of players don’t live on Twitch, Because their income is very low, Only 0.8% managed to do this, He is in that small group but he doesn’t advise them to drop everything to follow him.

In the same way, comment on it The thing he’s worried about is that the doctor or other professionals earn too little, “less than it’s worth”, so it is an indication of a disadvantage being experienced, but it does not indicate that it cannot be successful.