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Atletico Nacional crush Cali: goals, summary and standings |  BetPlay League Dimayor II 2022 |  Colombian football |  Betplay League

Atletico Nacional crush Cali: goals, summary and standings | BetPlay League Dimayor II 2022 | Colombian football | Betplay League

Atlético Nacional beat Deportivo Cali 3-0 for the 12th date in the BetPlay II-2022 League. The Antioquia team was practical and thanks to goals from Andrés Andrade, Dorlan Papon and Andres Felipe Roman, they bypassed Valle del Cauca, who are still at the bottom of the tournament.

In the second minute, Andres Andrade opened the scoring, after a collective move on the left side, after Nelson Palacio’s recovery in the middle of the field, the “10” leg with a cross shot by goalkeeper Miguel Sanchez without reacting.

The man continued to attack and in the 11th minute, after another group move that started from the left wing and ended on the right, Dorlan Papon increased the lead of the local team.

In the 14th minute he scored a goal for Cali, through Daniel Luna, but was disqualified from his place. However, the video assistant referee summoned central referee Bismarck Santiago, who, after three minutes of deliberation, agreed with the assistant referee to cancel the visitor’s offensive action.

The Greens did not slow down and in the 20th minute, Dorlan Babon got the third goal after a cross from the side. The green team from Antioquia continued to count the victory, while Calle tried to respond, but with a greater desire for accuracy.

The match slowed slightly in intensity around the 28th minute of the first half, Nacional controlled the ball, but did not go beyond the middle of the field, while Kali defended himself as best he could.

In the 37th minute, Danovis Panguero on the left overtook the ball he sent to Jefferson Duque, but the scorer could not get there in time to push the ball to the back of the net and it passed in front of Calino’s goal.

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In the final minutes, Kaley made several, albeit not too much of a danger, way past Kevin Mir. The man took the opportunity to go on a counterattack, but the accuracy was missing.

In the supplementary phase, Deportivo Cali submitted three payroll variants, with Aldair Gutiérrez, Kevin Salazar and Carlos Lucumí entering in place of Alexis Palacios, Yimmi Congo and Yony González.

Nacional was approaching the opposite goal and dominated the game and put pressure on Deportivo Cali. In the 15th minute, the third goal came through Felipe Roman, who took advantage of a defensive rebound to end with his right leg cross, Cali goalkeeper shot.

In the 25th minute, Deportivo Cali made his fourth substitution by entering Christian Mavla instead of Daniel Luna.

Nine minutes later, Nacional made their first changes to the squad, bringing in Alexandre Mejia, Daniel Mantella and Jayder Asprilla to replace Sebastian Gomez, Yerson Candelo and Jefferson Duque.

At the age of 35, another team move by Nacional led to a shot from Emanuel Oliveira, who was disguised as a midfielder, and the ball hit Cali and hit the right post, which could have been the domestic fourth goal.

Three minutes later, Nacional made two more changes, Dorlan Papon and Andres Andrade left for applause and Jason Guzmán and John Elmer Solis entered.

In the end, Nacional tackled a match that was decided in 12 minutes. Kaley tried, but his mistakes left him weak in a key match against a direct competitor.

With this win, Atletico Nacional climbed to fourth place with 19 points. On the Cali side, they remained in the penultimate square with 8 points, and were practically eliminated from the tournament.

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On the next date, Atletico Nacional receives the Patriots, while Deportivo visits Calle Courtoloa.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FootballRead Reporter
On Twitter: @juanchoserran8