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Atlas will assess whether they have hired a reinforcement prior to Jairo Torres' departure

Atlas will assess whether they have hired a reinforcement prior to Jairo Torres’ departure

Directed by Jairo Torres to Chicago Fire just a matter of timeNegotiations are progressing, and that’s why In Atlas, they do not rule out bringing someone else.

And he talked about Diego Coca, the coach of the Foxes The imminent departure of the youth sports teamwhich is the first of several tournaments that may be in the following tournaments after the red and black title.

“It’s part of that growth and part of the evolution, Becoming a hero gives you a badge that puts you in a different placeChampion players are not the same as non-champions, Kuka said, they are more wanted, more wanted and more needed with the start of a tournament like the one we have.”

“It is part of the development and growth. We will have to assess, along with guidance, Everything that comes to the future and never lose sight of sportsGo ahead, have a competitive team, look for variants, look for options.

this will be Monarch’s second losswhere Jesús Angulo was sold to tigers.

“We have to be smart to keep growing and stay competitive so we don’t feel absence or changes. Gayro theme, nothing, We know there is a show but the player is with us“We now have it with us and he will play for Atlas,” he added.

Jairo will go to the Chicago Fire as a sale, the talks are very advanced and This Sunday can say goodbye with Atlas vs Pumas.

“I respect players’ decisions a lot, so He will definitely make the best decision with the club It will be useful to everyone. It’s part of the growth that players are seeing and wanting from other leagues or in Mexico from other teams. We’ll have to assess, if all goes well, how to replace it, and who to bring inthe growth we have to have and understand that this is part of the growth,” he agreed.

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