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Atlas Anibal Shala broke the spell and became a champion again 70 years later;  Beat Leon de Angel Mina in Liga Mx |  Ecuadoreans abroad |  Sports

Atlas Anibal Shala broke the spell and became a champion again 70 years later; Beat Leon de Angel Mina in Liga Mx | Ecuadoreans abroad | Sports

An emotional moment passed before the final kick off when fans applauded for a minute for singer Vicente Fernandez, who died yesterday.

After 70 years of waiting, Atlas Anibal Xala became the champion of Mexican football on Sunday, after defeating Leon Angel Mina 4-3 on penalties in the second leg of the Apertura-2021 final, which was held in Jalisco.

Aldo Rocha, in the 55th minute, scored the goal that the Atlas “foxes” needed to equalize the aggregate score 3-3 and thus imposed extra time. The equality continued and penalties were necessary. Shala entered in 90 + 3 minutes.

She experienced a very emotional moment minutes before the start of the final when fans gave a minute of applause to singer Vicente Fernandez, who passed away on Sunday morning. Jalisco stadium shook when people sang “Volver, Volver”, one of the greatest songs of the so-called “Charro de México”.

As the match kicked off, the “Foxes” came out trying to live up to their two-goal commitment to overcome Thursday’s 3-2 defeat in the first leg.

In the 6th minute, sports left-back Luis Reyes sent a pass into the Lyon area to Colombian Julian Quinones, who failed to connect the shot from close range.

Quinones appeared again in the “La Vieira” area at 24 and hit a ball that passed in front of the goal without anyone being able to put the ball into the net.

On the 27th, the Atlas attacked in a lightning counterattack. Colombian goalkeeper Camilo Vargas launched a gamble for Quinones who faced goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota and pumped the ball that hit the post.

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The “Foxes” maintained their dominance at the start of the second half, Quinones advanced into the area and met Kota who came just in time to get the ball off the feet of the Colombian.

Cotta saved Leonese’s team again at 54 when he veered over the bar with a powerful shot from Aldo Rocha.

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But La Vieira resisted no more, and two minutes later, Rocha himself made it 1-0 when he appeared in front of goal to block a shot that Jeremy Marquez had delivered from the edge of the area.

Being at a disadvantage, the lion tried to exercise possession of the ball to counteract the dominance of the “foxes”.

But in 73 and 74, Zorros again subdued La Vieira, first Diego Barbosa from the right and then Luis Reyes from the left, planting themselves in the Lyon area and demanding goalkeeper Cotta come out to cover their goal. Attempts.

Incredibly, Lyon was saved by the second goal at 81. After a series of balls in the area, Christopher Trejo hit a shot that hit the crossbar, and the ball was sent to Edgar Zaldivar who headed it in his direction. An unprotected tire with such weakness allowed goalkeeper Kota to react.

Kota avoided his goal fall by blocking Zaldivar’s powerful shot to one hand at 89.

Before extending the match into overtime, at 90+4, Lyon was left with 10 men due to Argentine striker Emanuel Gigliotti being sent off for a double yellow card; The first was received in 85.

The goal’s arrival came less in extra time due to the caution taken by both teams, and that continued until the 103rd minute when Kota appeared to grab a pass from “Bon” Reyes.

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In 108, Camilo Vargas saved Atlas by disarming Elias Hernandez with one hand. The goal did not come and the title was decided by a penalty shootout.

Jesus Angolo, Edgar Zaldivar, Christopher Trejo and Argentine Julio Verch scored goals for the Atlas. Aldo Rocha sent his shot to the post.

Elias Hernandez, Ecuadorean Angel Mina and Colombian William Tesillo were all suited for the lion. Colombian goalkeeper Camilo Vargas saved Fernando Navarro and Luis Montes’ shots.

Thus, Atlas was declared the Mexican Football League champion for the second time in its history, 70 years, seven months and 20 days after being crowned in the 1950-51 season.