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At the Embassy of Mexico, in Quito, there is a large crowd of people who want to get a visa  Ecuador |  News

At the Embassy of Mexico, in Quito, there is a large crowd of people who want to get a visa Ecuador | News

From Saturday, the Mexican government will require Ecuadorians to enter the country.

Within a week, Mexico will be requesting visas from Ecuadorians going back to that country. Andl Document will be required from Saturday September 4; For this reason, dozens of people have recently approached the Mexican embassy in Quito to begin the process of obtaining a visa.

Most people come early in the morning The diplomatic headquarters are located in the north of Quito, on the routes of the 6D December and the United Nations. Sometimes, there was a waiting line Spread over several blocks. Some of those first seen may have woken up early.

Mexico will need a visa from Ecuadorians from September 4th

This August 30, Andres Ruiz, 33, Waited about three hours Until entering the diplomatic headquarters. He was worried because he had recently discovered about the need. He is scheduled to leave for Mexico on September 4 No visa.

“It simply came to our notice then that I could not leave (Ecuador). I rubbed Because I’m going to lose the plane, the lodging … my travels for work, “Ruiz lamented.

To enter the Central American country, Ecuadorian travelers must present Visitor visa without permission to carry out payment transactions.

George Morocco was waiting outside the embassy for his wife. They are from Guinea and today they were planning a trip to the Mexican capital with their children. But his flight was canceled without explanation.

Morocco, 30, said the first stop was Guatemala, where they would spend the night and the next day they would leave for Mexico. However, the company that arranged their trip announced that it had been suspended.

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“We do not know what happened. The company told us to come to the embassy (of Mexico) To help us. If we can’t fix them, we will have to travel next year, ”he said.

The focus at the embassy began at 09:00. They were also among the people who attended Holders of visas before 2018 The year Mexico stopped asking Ecuadorians for the document.

Visa requirements to travel to Mexico for tourism

Javier Carrion, 30, traveled from Ambato to Quito Your old visa is still valid, Because he plans to travel with his wife and daughter for the next few weeks. There he was told to make an appointment through the website www.mixtel.sre.gob.mx.

According to the embassy, ​​every ten Ecuadorian travelers were found in the last months Seven returned and did not go to another country. Action approved by the Mexican government requiring a visa, It is valid until March 4, 2022. (I)