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At the age of 50, actress Catherine Siachuk fulfilled her dream and entered Harvard University

At the age of 50, actress Catherine Siachuk fulfilled her dream and entered Harvard University

Once again, actress Catherine Siachuk has informed her followers that she will continue her graduate studies, this time at one of the most famous universities around the world, Harvard. This 50-year-old woman sent her a clear message fans: “dreams come true”.

After posting it on his Instagram account, he confirmed that entering this prestigious university was not within his “potentials”, But he was able to continue his education in business school and meet notable personalities in every subject.

Studying at Harvard was not something that was not within my means, but now it is a reality. Sitting in business school, learning from my professors, all of whom are outstanding, and from my brilliant colleagues, is a gift from God and from life.” He mentioned in a photo he posted on his social network.

And added: “In this picture I’m with Anita Elbers. I read her book, I liked her, I dreamed of meeting her and now I’m her student”, Pointing to his happiness and the great opportunity that will be given to him with regard to the professionals who teach the classes.

In addition, the actress invited her followers to continue to dream and fight for their own goals, because at some point the reward will come. Although this woman did not explain if she was awarded a scholarship for her academic performance, or if she was able to pay the high tuition fees at Harvard, she did say that she was experiencing one of the happiest moments of her life.

Never stop believing in yourself, no matter what people think, no matter where you are in life, work hard for what you want, fight for your dreams and the time will come. I wanted to share this one of the happiest and most important moments of my life.”on his Instagram account.

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It should be noted that Siachuk had started studying at the University of Miami in 2019, when she resumed her studies and said that she was “unfamiliar” with the rhythm of the academy, as well as “outdated”.

Yes, gentlemen, I am now a student […]. It’s always the right time to do that. It’s not too late yet. It affected me deeply, I was not accustomed and outdated, but I am happy, ” Those were his words at the time, however, he did not say how this process was progressing, if it had already ended or if he would continue directly with Harvard.

Miguel Varone replied to a message from Catherine Siachuk about a partner in the group

Catherine Siachoque enjoys the success of the second season of the Netflix series dark desire In which she co-starred with Mighty Peroni and Alejandro Spitzer.

The actress posted an emotional message on her Instagram account to Spitzer, who is her partner. The other cool thing about Dark Desire: Season 2 wasn’t just the ability to share the set with a talented actor like Alejandro Spitzer.But also let me be your friendship.”

Siachoque’s message continued with more compliments for the Mexican actor. “By the way… I want to tell you that he is more handsome on a personal level.. (The first day I met him, I immediately called Meiji and my boss to tell them, “It can’t be that, he’s worse than handsome in person.)”.

The post caused comments from the followers of the Colombian actress: “No, no, no, I love you. I really liked the series “, Carla Giraldo Books. But what caught the most attention was the comment of her husband, Miguel Varone. “Oops,” was the only thing the actor wrote.

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Varoni’s response sparked more comments, some considered it a jealous attack and others took the opportunity to mock the actor. One netizen who gave his opinion said: “But doll, you are the sun, you shine with your own light, you were amazing, I love your sense of humor.”