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At just 12 years old, the girl became a millionaire thanks to her NFT group

At just 12 years old, the girl became a millionaire thanks to her NFT group

Nyla Hayes, a young artist at just 12 years old, became a millionaire within a few months by selling her work in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the online marketplace of NFT OpenSea.

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As Nyla details on her website, she has been drawing since she was four years old. Later, at the age of nine, she began creating what she calls Long Neckies, painted portraits of women of different backgrounds with long, narrow necks.


One of the girl’s main inspirations was dinosaurs, creatures that fascinated her throughout her life.

“My favorite dinosaur was Brontosaurus, and at the time I was really into dinosaurs,” Hayes told Buisness Insider. “So I wanted to add it to Long Neckies.”

Nella believes that the long and thick neck of a Brontosaurus represents something strong and powerful, and this is exactly the image that she has of a woman.

“This is what I want to show through my works, how beautiful, strong and strong a woman can be. No matter what her culture or origin is, all women are beautiful,” said the young artist.

step up to success
His success story in the digital world began when his uncle told him about NFTs and suggested that he study them, because mainstream art platforms have many barriers to entry.

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Nyla started drawing on a smartphone and then switched to an iPad to access a larger canvas. He saved the images as JPEG files and uploaded them to OpenSea.

His first collection, known as the Long Neckie, went on sale on March 10 and included 75 items.

On July 27, she released her second and most comprehensive collection, Long Neckie Ladies, which included 3,333 images of women digitally created by developers such as The Andi Rutz Group and the Cosmic Paws team.

This series “sold out in hours,” says the minor’s mother.

So far, Nyla’s artwork has earned 1,394 Ethers, or about $5.8 million. Of those, approximately 1.6 million initial sales are owned by Nyla, before expenses such as developer payments.

This talented young woman’s work was also recognized by Time magazine, who chose her as the first artist for their NFT platform called TimePieces.