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Aseica and SEOM define themselves as the state of personalized medicine

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Currently, oncologists compensate for the lack of a national system of personalized and precise medicine with networking. Specialists and hospitals work so that cancer patients can benefit from genetic and molecular analysis of tumors. It also serves to identify predictive biomarkers that allow us to know which type of treatment is most appropriate in each case.

From Aseica and SEOM “Implement a coordinated plan in our social media with equity for the entire country” endowed “donation”. President of the Spanish Association for Cancer Research (Aseica), Dr.. Luis Paz Ares, the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (Seom), and Doctor. Álvaro Rodriguez Lesco Analyze the reality of precision medicine applied to tumors in Spain on the occasion of Global Innovation Day.

Aseica and SEOM demand “implementation of a coordinated plan in SNS with equity for the whole country” and equipped with a “budget”

Innovation makes it possible toGenetic profile of the patient’s tumor at the time of diagnosis., confirms Dr. Baz Aris. a) yesWe can figure out what genetic changes are going on in a tumor and make its cells resistant to treatment, and we can figure out what lines of treatment to introduce.”. Dr. Rodriguez Lisquier insists that it is about “A new way of understanding research and oncology”.

“The system is heterogeneous and equal opportunities for patients are not the same, depending on which center you are in, whether you have a tumor sequencing facility, and whether you have advice from a molecular commission and genetic diagnosis”, said the head of SEOM. “It’s true that Most of us work in a network and we are basically making up for this shortcomingWe know where to refer the patient so that they do not miss opportunities.” Add.

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