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Arturo Elías promotes hamburgers to his father-in-law

Arturo Elías promotes hamburgers to his father-in-law

  • Arturo Elías Ayub has a community of 1.2 million followers on his Twitter account.

  • In 2020, Sanborns was the third most valuable retail brand with a value of $941 million.

  • Carlos Slim Continue to position itself as the leader of the classification Of the Latin American billionaires on the Forbes 2023 list

businessman Arturo Elias Ayoub He is generally very active on his account Twitterwhich is why he recently took the opportunity to give him a strategy promotion to hamburgers from one of his father-in-law’s businesses Carlos Medium buildafter celebrities influencers Known as “Alan Around the World,” he asked for a recommendation.

Arthur Elias He is a Mexican businessman Carlos Medium build He is his father-in-law, which has been fundamental for him to strengthen his relationship with the business, as he heads several companies, as Director of Strategic Alliances and Contents at America Movil, General Manager of TELMEX Telcel Corporation, and he is also a Director of Uno TV and of Claro Sports. According to Statista, at the end of March 2020, the number of employees in Slim Index subsidiaries in Mexico Exceeded 286 thousand 600 employees. During the same period, the telecommunications company, America Movil, had 66 percent of the workers in the companies of Mexican businessman Carlos Slim.

In 2021, the Mexican multinational telecommunications company América Móvil reported total revenues of MXN 855 billion, which represents a slight recovery compared to the previous year.

The thing that boosted his career was his participation in the Entrepreneurs Committee of the popular show Sharks tank Mexico which was a project co-produced by Sony the pictures SPT TV networks And Clear video. As a member of the original cast, he has shared the screen with famous Mexican businessmen such as Rodrigo Herrera Aspra, Carlos Bremmer, Marcos Dantos, Ana Victoria Garcia, Jorge Vergara and Braulio Ursuaga.

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Arturo Elías gives a strategic upgrade to his father-in-law’s hamburger

during Twittercontent maker now road Application to help Internet users to find the best hamburgers in Mexico City and several before that Trademarks They took the opportunity to promote their business, among them businessman Arturo Elías who commented on the post; I know it will sound like an advertisement but give one a try @tweetIf you don’t like it, I’d like to pay for it. It is definitely in third place. “

Similarly, the digital circle has also joined in Brand to Carl Jr. And even Burger Fest invited the businessman to get acquainted with the best hamburger in town and, accordingly, calculate Sanborns He thanked for the invitation and took the opportunity to promote Arturo’s promotion.

“We really appreciate your invitation so that our customers can enjoy more variety in addition to our excellent hamburgers. We also cordially invite you to try the excellent quality of our dishes at Sanborns. You won’t regret it!” Sanborns’ account commented on Twitter.

It is well known that Twitter It is an ideal platform to ask for recommendations on certain things, as well as open up digital conversation on certain topics or trends And entrepreneurs too have taken advantage of this tool to promote their business, a similar example is businessman Ricardo Salinas who is constantly responsible for promoting his business, and even recently he asked netizens for help to reach 100,000 subscribers on his channel and so get a Youtube board, just like Paty Chapoy.

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