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Are you a Google user?  You can get up to  from the company

Are you a Google user? You can get up to $95 from the company

American company Google is facing a lawsuit in Illinoiswhere he was accused of violating privacy. The amount at stake is $100 million. The reason for the legal claim is related to the facial recognition tool.

This amount, as agreed, will be paid to the thousands of Illinois residents who have joined the lawsuit against Google. This agreement was reached during 2022, and it is now known how much those affected will receive: It ranges from $95 per person.

According to the official documents, the specific lawsuit that Google’s facial recognition tool was infringed Illinois Biometric Security Act. Appeared May 31, 2022 in Cook County Courthouse. It was joined by 687,484 residents of the state. By September of the same year, a judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.

Who is eligible for financial compensation from Google?

Not every Google user living in Illinois will be entitled to monetary compensation. Eligibility is determined for those who previously used Google Photos between May 1, 2015 and April 25, 2022. Also, obviously, Be a resident of Illinois.

Persons who meet these requirements must receive a claim form. The deadline to fill it out was September 4, 2022. According to Cook County, more than 687,000 people have filed valid claims, resulting in payments of between $95 and $96.

In 2008, a Biometric Information Privacy Act was passed in Illinois making it illegal for a company to collect a customer’s biometric identifiers without informing them directly, and plaintiffs allege that no one Inform them about Google Photos actions. Hence the reason for the claim.

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Initially, the payments were estimated to be between $200 and $400, but after people joined the lawsuit, the amounts per person ranged from $95 to $96.


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