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Aquiles Alvarez Henrique, drops from the Barcelona board |  National Championship |  Sports

Aquiles Alvarez Henrique, drops from the Barcelona board | National Championship | Sports

Carlos Alvaro Moreno, President of the Yellow Box, announced on his Twitter account, that businessman Aquiles Alvarez Enriques will not continue as a member of the FC Barcelona Board of Directors. Twitter.

“Brother of life and football Aquiles, thank you very much and for so many moments like this, your joint successes and blessings for all your projects. Barcelona is and will always be your home,” a yellow headline posted Thursday night on the social network.

Alvarez became the sporting vice president of bullfighters after winning the 2019 election with Alvaro Moreno. In their first year in charge, they lifted the Pro League trophy in 2020. The Olympic lap was awarded at Rodrigo Paz Stadium after beating Liga de Quito on penalties.

Another goal they achieved with the Canary national team was to qualify for the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores America in 2021. At that point they were eliminated by Flamengo of Brazil.

He is also the tenth leader to leave the institution following the resignations in January 2020 of Ramon Paredo Batala (administrative vice president), Esteban Noboa (legal field), Xavier Santos (legal/regulatory), Jose Luis Carrion (security), and Jaime Gonzenbach. (Marketing/Community), Evren Vélez (Partners), Hector Sanabria (Partners/Marketing), Ricardo Gomez (Stadium) and Carlos Burnett (Administrative/Community).

During the presidency of Jose Francisco Cevallos (2015-2019), Alvarez resigned in December 2018. “I have decided to submit my irrevocable resignation to the position of Director and Chairman of the Barcelona Football Committee, thanking the President and the Board of Directors for the confidence given to the managers in these three years” Posted on his Twitter account. Twitter. (Dr)

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