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Apprentice Care Alert: More than just ‘help’, comprehensive support for our pupils

The apprentice’s well-being is not a “bad help” as manager Wilfredo Grajales noted.

From SINDESENA we record with great concern the statement of the Director of Vocational Training of SENA within the framework of the meeting held on April 19, in which the representatives of our organization and Dr. Grajales participated, who publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the program, qualifying it as “help to Maluku” and hinting that it does not meet the objectives set It was created for. This judgment, far from being correct, is a misunderstanding of the nature and objectives of the trainee’s welfare, and from SINDESENA we ask for clarification of the situation so that this essential program has the support of senior management, its promotion and can ensure the embodiment of government guidelines.

At SINDESENA, we firmly believe that the well-being of our trainees is not a simple aid, but a vital component to the overall development of our trainees. This program, which includes initiatives related to culture, disease prevention, health promotion, personal skills development, sports, physical activity, art, and the use of leisure time, is essential to the success of our students and the mission of our entity. In addition, it thinks of an incentive program that acknowledges the trainees’ efforts in the training process and provides social and economic support that contributes to the permanence and success of their training, and any attempt to reduce its importance contradicts the mission and values ​​of Banner.

Contrary to what Dr. Grajalis suggests, the well-being of the trainees is not based on “discomfort” or well-being, but rather on promoting a healthy and exciting learning environment, as stipulated in Resolution 1399 of 2021. This decision emphasizes the need to provide comprehensive support to the trainees, including Including the social and economic aspects, which are essential for their continuity and success in training.

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We are deeply concerned about any attempt to diminish and reject this program and its components, which include an incentive program in recognition of the efforts and excellence of our trainees. This program is an important tool to enhance the sustainability and achievement of our students, and any attempt to diminish its importance is contrary to SENA’s mission and values.

We understand the importance of our trainees, which is why SENA has always worked to provide them with the best conditions for their training. For this reason, we call on everyone to join in standing up for trainee welfare, understanding its true meaning and value. Similarly, we make a strong call to all SENA staff and trainees to stand up for the integrity and value of trainee welfare. the program. We reject any attempt to trivialize its importance and reaffirm our commitment to the well-being and success of our trainees.

Finally, taking advantage of the provisions of Article 23 of the Political Constitution of Colombia, we submit an official request to the Director General of the Entity, in order to formally clarify to SINDESENA his position in this regard, that he defines the strategies that are foreseen and those that have been implemented so far in an effort to concretely state the guidelines to eradicate hunger; Likewise, we ask you to indicate the main work themes for promoting student well-being, and finally we ask you to specify the per capita value set by SENA for funding the Trainee Sponsorship Program, excluding the budget allocated for funding from this data the rental of personal services.

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Sindicina National Council

Bogotá, May 25, 2023

In defense of the trainee’s welfare