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Apple will have very few iPhone 15 Pro Max units available for this cause of concern

Apple will have very few iPhone 15 Pro Max units available for this cause of concern

The issues were discovered when Foxconn started testing the iPhone 15!

New problems jeopardize the launch and availability of the iPhone 15

The bad come together. Even the most valuable company in the world did not escape this sentence. After a global security analyst at Bank of America announced that Apple may be considering or may have decided to push back the iPhone 15 launch date, a new report says that it too There will be a few units of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max available.

The reason for the inconveniences, which according to these sources exist around the production of the iPhone 15, is related Screen production problems. Especially because of the challenge of reducing the size of the bezel around the screen.

iPhone 15 screen is causing problems

According to the report you published the informationAnd Producing iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max displays requires a new manufacturing process to enlarge it without compromising the final size of the device. But it seems This requirement cannot be met on monitors manufactured by LG.

The display problems were discovered when Foxconn went into production “dangerous slope”. During this process, Foxconn manufactures “Hundreds of thousands of device units to test the reliability with which they can build the product flawlessly.”

According to the information:

A person with direct knowledge said displays made by LG failed reliability tests after going through a new process known as low-pressure injection, or LIPO. The process involves Apple embedding the display into its metal enclosure prior to assembly. Apple frequently adjusts LG monitor design so that it can pass tests.

If the problem cannot be solved in time, Apple will likely choose to launch the new iPhone 15 line during the first week of October. Last year, the company with the organic apple logo introduced its iPhone 14 series on September 7. All iPhone 14 models officially went on sale on September 16, except for the iPhone 14 Plus, which went on sale on October 7, 2022.

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Given that the error is more significant on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, it is possible that the deficiency is more noticeable in this model, rather than the iPhone 15 Pro, since Apple owns screens manufactured by SamsungYour traditional supplier “Continue to accumulate a large number of units.”