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Apple confirms iPhones will include USB-C

Apple confirms iPhones will include USB-C

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The truth is that the tech giant didn’t have more ports, but now it does confirmed via Apple Marketing Direct, Greg Joswiak, to a question from Joanna Stern of The Wall Street Journal.

strict He asked if the company would replace Lighting now that the European Union requires all phones sold in its member states to use the socket if they have a physical charger. Joswiak He replied, “Obviously we will have to comply, we have no other choice.”

After responding, Stern asked when we can expect to see USB-C in the iPhone. “It is the Europeans who dictate the time for European customers,” Joswiak replied. Currently, the law mandates that “all mobile phones and tablets” must use USB-C by “fall 2024”. The Apple executive declined to say whether the company would include the connector in phones sold outside the European Union.

However, he also wanted to clarify Apple’s opinion. Essentially, he provided a lengthy explanation of how the company has historically preferred to go its own way and trust its engineers rather than being forced to adopt hardware standards by lawmakers. In addition, he cites examples of Micro USB and earbud compliance as cases where Apple was forced to meet ill-considered requirements.

Finally, it was mentioned that changing iPhone from Lightning to USB-C would generate a lot of electronic waste.[[[[the edge]

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