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AP Forum expresses concern about the state of family medicine in the current allocation of MIR . places

AP Forum expresses concern about the state of family medicine in the current allocation of MIR . places

Madrid, 5 July. (European Press) –

The Primary Care Physicians Forum has shown its interest in evolving in the selection of a family and community medicine specialty in the current process of awarding MIR places, because the “few options” for family doctor places are another manifestation of the “abandonment” that the first level of care suffers from in government and self-governing communities.

Namely, the percentage of places in this specialty that have been selected to date is “significantly lower” than the operations of previous years. The “lack of interest” on the part of future professionals shows that family and community medicine has been “moved” into the background and has a lot to do with the fact that the Ministry of Health itself and the ICHCs did not provide them with the “necessary and essential” resources to enable them during the evolution of the COVID epidemic.

And so, he continues, they’ve allowed their work, “which has been necessary all this time, with nearly 90% of cases contained”, to become a “stressful, time-trial, stressful and very unattractive” job for the future. In addition, it “has nothing to do with the true nature of the specialty” which makes it “essential” to ensure the sustainability of the national health system

The specialty of pediatrics is equally affected by its work in primary care, because although their jobs in the offer to MIR are quickly covered, only 25 percent of physicians and specialists will advance their specialty in primary care, when it is estimated that it will be necessary to reach 60 percent to be Able to cover current needs and changing future generations of these professionals.

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“This, combined with the ministry’s failure to continue to implement and monitor the strategic framework for primary and community care, the lack of measures aimed at solving the real problems of primary care, and the lack of evaluation of its function. This is necessary in the current pandemic and the upcoming retirement of thousands of primary care and pediatricians, putting the specialty at risk It is significant and inevitably leads to contemplation of the intent of total abandonment by the administration even the absence of it, with dire consequences and this includes the national health system and health care of citizens,” they said from the forum.

In this sense, the organization has insisted that it is this specialty that will currently face, again and in worse circumstances, the increase in cases of COVID that, “in the vast majority”, requires control and monitoring from primary care, something that is not given due importance, as it should not be measured The “severity of the epidemic” is not only in the number of hospital admissions but in their extent and the risk of infection, factors that so far have been practically governed by 90 percent of professionals on AP teams and will continue to do so.

“From the Forum, we insist that primary care is essential, as demonstrated during the pandemic, and is more than the basis of an effective health system, something that has been proven and published by the World Health Organization and international health institutions, which in Spain remains only for public statements without actions before Politicians and managers.

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