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Anuel throws Feid hard

Anuel AA continues hints towards Karol G with whom he is rumored to be romantically involved, artist Ferxxo.

In recent days, while promoting his single “Mejor que yo”, he tagged the subtitles “Provence”, along with the message “I dedicate it to you, my love”.

Likewise, fans have found some nods to Feid in the song’s lyrics. Let us recall that Paisa was believed to have a love affair with the interpreter, although neither of them denied or confirmed anything.

Recently, this Wednesday, Anuel shared a photo on his Instagram account in which he poses next to a yellow banner that reads, “F… Ferxxo.” In describing the photo, he also wrote: “And this photo is for your friend,” along with several green hearts, a tune that characterizes the singer of pisa.

In the post, he also shared a video parodying the song “Peaches,” from the Mario Bros. movie, which appears to be for Feid.

The post on Instagram has already more than 2 million “likes” and more than 230,000 comments, in which many condemn Anuel’s behavior towards his ex-partner Carol G, with whom he was going to end in April 2021, and his potential new boyfriend. Colombian.

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