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Another Ron DeSantis injury in Florida

Another Ron DeSantis injury in Florida

This Friday, during a conference in Fort Myers, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signing a bill that officially bans the circulation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the country. This initiative announced on March 20 Your government’s official website First of all, it arises in order to “protect Florida from the use of weapons of the financial sector by the administration of President Joe Biden,” as detailed.

DeSantis has been strong in showing his disapproval of CBDCs. Last week, he made statements confirming that these tools are part of a “policy I wake upWho was willing to fight, as I mentioned Decode. While I assumed yesterday that the Biden administration will use this coin to Migration and removal of other types of digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies.

In addition, conservative He claimed that CBDCs were an “attempt to monitor and control”. Previously, his office had noted in a launch That this digital currency was “the latest way in which the Davos elites are trying to introduce ideologies like ESG into the US financial system”. In this line, DeSantis expressed concern about the limitations people can place on many of their purchases.As in, gasoline can be restricted in order to combat global warming. He added that the frequency of someone’s possession of weapons could also be traced.

Governor Ron DeSantis has assured that he will protect the economic freedom of FloridiansPalestinian Authority

Anyone with open eyes can see the danger this type of deal poses to Americans who want to exercise their financial independence. The governor said during the conference, Held at the Public Service Academy of Southwest FloridaHe was accompanied by Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson, and Fort Myers Technical College President Kathleen Basidomo.

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according to official speechthe legislative proposal will implement several measures to Protecting Consumers and Businesses from Federally Controlled CBDCs. here they are:

DeSantis said that this initiative would “protect Florida consumers and businesses from reckless adoption of a ‘centralized digital dollar’ that would stifle innovation and foster government-mandated surveillance.” Adding that Florida ‘will not side with central economic planners’ and that it would not “adopt policies that threaten economic freedom and personal security.”

Governor Ron DeSantis’ office disclosed this new bill on its official website Shaun Rayford – Getty Images North America

In addition, the statement clarified that the draft law is part of a series of approved measures.To prevent the spread of awakening ideology in the financial sector And in the daily life of Americans.