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Ana Martin.

Anna Martin admits that she does not want to be a “burden” and has already signed her last will

Anna Martin She revealed in front of the cameras of the ‘Hoy’ program that You already have your eviction letter ready, which occurred The last commandment.

The actress explained that she decided to do it because He doesn’t want anyone else to take on this responsibility If she becomes seriously ill.

Although the 75-year-old actor is currently in good health, he does not know what might happen in the future, which is why he is being protected.

I have my eviction letter, yes, I have. I am alone and I do not want anyone to carry it but I want to do it and I have already done it, and this is done with a notary and two witnessesannounced.

Martin didn’t want to give too many details about it, but only said that the process started with an idea born of what would happen if she was absent or bedridden without being able to speak or move.

He added that he went to a notary with two witnesses to believe in his decision; Anna did not want to reveal the content of the document.

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