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Anna Isabel Cousio celebrates with her family a master’s degree in Finance – Occidental

Surrounded by her whole family, Anna Isabel Cusio Valdes celebrated her master’s degree in Finance.

Anna Isabel finished her study program which she carried out for almost two years in Berlin, Germany; After successfully defending her corresponding thesis, she received a master’s degree in finance from the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

This prompted his father, Salvador Cusio Gaona, and his wife, Paulina Corella, to organize a family meeting for him.

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All her relatives who attended spoke and drank the academic and professional goal of Anna Isabelle, who has now returned to Berlin to continue her professional activities.

Likewise, he has done so to pursue various other studies in order to get better training and experience that will make him improve and enhance his ability to be more useful to the business community which aspires to support him professionally when he later joins the business activity in Mexico.

His desire is to continue to contribute knowledge and experience gained in other latitudes.

Her father, who was proud of her daughter’s professional achievements, presented her with a passionate celebration in Rancho de la Cruz in San Francisco Tisistan, located in Zapopan.

Among those present were: his godfather Jose Guillermo Cosio Gaona, the brothers of Salvador Cosio Valdes, Paulina and Rebecca Cosio Corella.

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