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Animation showing "El Puma" Jose Luis Rodriguez meeting his three daughters

Animation showing “El Puma” Jose Luis Rodriguez meeting his three daughters

These days, Father’s Day is celebrated in Latin America and that’s why a picture of the singer was taken Jose Luis Rodriguezwidely known aspumaWith his three daughters spread on Twitter. The photo shows Liliana, Lilibeth (the singer’s daughters with Lilac Murillo) and Genesis (daughter Jose Luis and Carolina Perez) with his father.pumaRodriguez.

Jose Luis Rodriguez He had two marriages, the first with Lilac Murillo The mother of his two eldest daughters, Liliana and Lillibeth. Later he married Carolina Perez Low-level Cuban model, Genesis was with him Rodriguezas it usually happens in many families, sisters are divided, on the one hand, older sisters are divided together Lilac Murillo They have no dealings with the singer, and on the other Genesis who has a good relationship”puma“.