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Angela Patricia Gagnot caught the attention of Gustavo Pietro, what happened?

Angela Patricia Gagnot caught the attention of Gustavo Pietro, what happened?

Once again, reporter Angela Patricia Gagnot has criticized Gustavo Petro’s letters, now in the middle of the election day our country is going to announce the new president of Colombia.

After Petro denounced the “residual fraud” in this election, Gagnot disputed the left-wing candidate’s statements. There are no worthy measurements against the votes of Colombians in the polls. Election day has just begun in Colombia and Gustavo Petro is already talking about fraud. Is it too much to ask you to act more responsibly today in particular? “The journalist wrote through her official account on Twitter.

The Colombian journalist had already questioned the campaign of the historic charter, after learning of a message that had been revealed week A member of his digital team devises a smear strategy against Rodolfo Hernandez.

Petro said in an interview with the communicator, last Friday, June 11, that The content of these videos does not mean that he is on the bench and his team has not carried out a smear campaign against his competitors.. With this in mind, he assured that journalists who analyze hours of video will not find anything “criminal”, and stressed that if this happened he would give up his candidacy.

On the face of it, with regard to the latest leak I posted weekThe journalist tweeted: “There was no dirty campaign,” Petro told me in an interview. This screenshot was leaked to the magazine week From a conversation with a member of your party’s digital team? What happened to Senator Petrogustavo’s “clean campaign” statement? Did you change your mind again?

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In one of the revelations he published week, shared by Gagnot via his Twitter account, confirms the intention of part of Gustavo Petro’s campaign to attack engineer Rodolfo Hernandez by kidnapping and dying his daughter; Faced with this problem, they generate a strategy in which the idea is to get more votes through media deception. “(…) Remember that a lie told a thousand times has become true.”cites part of the letter that was disclosed.

This led the journalist to question what the “Historic Charter” candidate had said in their conversation last Friday, June 11, in which he highlighted the “transparency” of his campaign. What happened to the ‘clean campaign’ statement?He supplemented his letter by deducing whether Gustavo Pietro had changed his mind again. It should be remembered that during the interview the interviewer reminded him that he himself had proposed reforming the Constituent Assembly.

“In a video posted by Carlos Fernando Galán, she says: ‘If you are president of Colombia, the first act, on the first day, is to call a referendum on the citizen with one question.’ Do you want to convene a National Constituent Assembly in Colombia or not?” Given this, the leftist candidate said that this is from a previous campaign and that it has nothing to do with the campaign he is currently running.

In this sense, the caller asks questions: “Why did you change your mind?” is that I haven’t changed (…) I don’t want a Constituent Assembly because the 1991 constitution allows me to make the changes that I want to make in the country,” said the candidate.

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