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Andrew Benintende traded with the Yankees

Andrew Benintende traded with the Yankees

NEW YORK – The New York Yankees have acquired defensive linebacker Andrew Benentende of the Kansas City Royals for three minor league bowlers.

The exchange agreed on Wednesday will be the first of several operations to be signed next week, when the deadline for implementing these operations expires.

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Benentende, a 28-year-old left-handed hitter, was among 10 Royals players who missed a four-game streak in Toronto from July 14-17 because they had not been vaccinated. He lost $186,813 for not being immunized, out of the $8.5 million salary he received in an arbitration appeal against royals.

New York believes Benintende will be willing to vaccinate. No Yankees players have missed previous trips to Toronto this season, and the Yankees will play a series there from September 26-28.

The Benintendi scored .320 with three bugs, 39 RBIs and 788 OPS. He won the Golden Glove in left field last year, and has done nothing wrong this season. He was elected to the All-Star Game for the first time.

Eligible for free agency at the end of this season, Benintendi gives the Yankees another option on the field in addition to Aaron Judge and Aaron Hicks.

Giancarlo Stanton, who has played 38 games on the field, will miss at least two or three weeks of activity. He went to the disabled list this week with an Achilles tendonitis.

New York increasingly used Matt Carpenter, 36, on the field, where he has not played since 2014.

Yankees coach Aaron Boone has dismissed that his team has too many hitters in its squad. Benintendi should improve the performance of the team that hit his left 0.214 versus 0.258 right.

“We have some really good hitters in the squad. Benintende is a great hitter, he’s on base at a really high rate, hitting from the left, so yeah, he gives us some balance,” Boone said after the loss. Wed suffered against the Mets.