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Andrés Felipe Arias, the beginning of the end of his dream?

Andrés Felipe Arias, the beginning of the end of his dream?

Andrés Felipe Arias wants to be discreet. He didn’t want to jump for joy until he set foot in his apartment north of Bogotá, where he will serve the rest of his sentence for the Agricultural Income Security scam. A second sentencing court decided after a review that he had already served more than half of his 17-year sentence.

On the other end of the phone, Arias, from the Cavalry School where he was locked up, asked his wife Catalina Serrano for help: don’t be excited until the dream comes true, he’s been locked up for more than 10 years, enter through the door of your apartment. She wept when the court’s verdict in her husband’s favor was confirmed, but she was overconfident and understood. “It can’t, can’t be, what joy, what emotion,” he said on the other side of the line.

Arias is excited, but aware It has been years since he received positive news amid the stormy Agricultural Income Security scandal. It ruined his dream of becoming a presidential candidate and, incidentally, frustrated his successful career.

They are waiting for you at home. Catalina presents small adaptations at home, because from this weekend she will not be alone with her two minor children, Eloisa and Juan Pedro. They stopped sharing with Andres Felipe when he was caught by a US judge in the US in the middle of filming.

Catalina – the current commercial director of an American company – wants a personal study of a Colombian economist to find her own niche. Henceforth, she would work from her room, as she had promised to devote herself to writing while in family prison.

They don’t want reception celebrations because the family wants an intimate moment with Andres Felipe. They haven’t been together at home for over five years. The former minister’s mother Martha Sonia Leiva will attend. Rodrigo Arias is missing from the intimate family photo as his father died in January 2022.

This Wednesday, Serrano goes with her husband to pack her suitcase at the Cavalry School: books, clothes, some weights and exercise equipment that allowed her to burn time and fight against isolation and confinement. then, They will commit themselves until the judge’s decision ends up in Inpec’s hands, and the former agriculture minister will officially go home.

Andrés Felipe Arias — who was deported from the United States on July 12, 2019 after five years in the United States — will remain locked up, but next to his family. He will devote himself from his home to the Supreme Court’s verdict on whether or not to overturn the verdict that sentenced him to 17 years in prison for agricultural income protection.