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An employee at Burger King shot a customer she was arguing with

a employee On Friday, local media reported that from a fast food restaurant in Miami, he was arrested after he shot a customer with whom he had a disagreement.

The shots I fell in the parking lot of the chain restaurant burger king in Northwest Miami that operates under a franchise and it is not known if the customer was injured because he left before the police arrived there.

Several witnesses said they saw employee Arguing with a customer inside the restaurant for unknown reasons.

Then they both went out to the parking lot and there the discussion escalated and she took a firearm and fired at the customer’s car several times, police said.

And the detainee is called Shatisha Monique Hicks, aged 30 years.

His relatives, who went to the restaurant to report the arrest, told the media that the customer who allegedly shot him threw mayonnaise in his face when he was serving him.

According to local Channel 10 news, spokesman burger king He said he could not give details of what happened because it was still under investigation, but stressed that the event went against the brand’s values.

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