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An earthquake swarm shakes part of Nicaragua

An earthquake swarm shakes part of Nicaragua

At about 0:24 on Tuesday, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake shook much of the national territory.

According to the Nicaraguan Institute for Regional Studies (Ineter), this second earthquake with a large force originated 68 kilometers away. southwest of El Astillero, In the Pacific Ocean Nicaragua, at a depth of 31 kilometers.

A 6.3-magnitude earthquake alerted Nicaragua’s residents at around 8:53 pm on Monday.

According to Inter, this earthquake originated 82 kilometers away southwest of Hoyhoyt, Always in the Pacific. This earthquake occurred at a depth of 21 km.

Vice President-designate Rosario Murillo called state media and said that no incident had been reported.

In its second report, earlier this Tuesday, it reported that there had been a seismic swarm, because there were two other less intense tremors. One was 3.4 degrees and the second was 4.2 degrees.

He pointed out that you should be alert to such phenomena.

According to Inter, these earthquakes are related to tectonic shock processes between the Cocos and Caribbean tectonic plates.

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