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An airline lies about a “lost” bag and gets caught thanks to an AirTag

An airline lies about a “lost” bag and gets caught thanks to an AirTag

AirTag revealed an airline!

Backpack tracking is one of the most popular AirTag features

AirTag has literally fulfilled the function offered by Apple: Locating things. Although some of the situations seem to be taken from the movies, users of the popular trackers never stop sharing the most amazing stories about it. Ago Locate stolen cars even lost baggage, AirTags for everything.

In one of the most recent cases, an AirTag user shared via her Twitter account Twitter Chronology of the process he experienced when trying Lost baggage recovery by United Airlines.

Complaint of all evidence

Identified as a woman Valerie Szybala turned to airline customer service to locate the missing luggageHe warned those who attended him that the AirTag device he had left in his luggage had informed him of his location in a residential area. But,The responsible staff assured him that “the bag is safe at the Delivery Service Distribution Centre”.

when you get Different response to information provided by the tracker Without being able to deny it by handing over the luggage, Szybala decided to report the situation via his Twitter account. besides the story, The user attached some photos in which she mentioned that her luggage and other bags were left outside some buildings.

I would like to tell everyone that @united lost track of my bag and they are lying about it. My Apple AirTag shows I’ve been in an apartment complex for more than a day. In the back, next to the dumpsters, I found other empty United Airlines bags.

Despite the uproar this complaint caused, United Airlines has not commented publicly Other than an initial message from Twitter support asking Szybala for details about his complaint.

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Although it seems an incredible fact, it is not even close to the first time that the passenger encountered this situation. In June 2022, A man tracks his bags in London. Then, in August 2022, a couple visiting Portugal reported that they were able to track their luggage outside the airport, thanks to AirTag and to the surprise of the airline staff in charge.

These scenes showed how users have taken advantage of AirTag to work against one of the most feared problems when it comes to trusting an airline.

And although in the middle of 2022, Lufthansa decided to ban it from checked baggage under the pretext of potential security problems, later The airline has reversed the decision.