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An agent loses his job in an argument with a neighbor over dog food

An agent loses his job in an argument with a neighbor over dog food

Seattle. A custody Seattle He was fired for making racist and sexist slurs at his Chinese-American neighbors Local press reported no service by 2022.

Officer Burton Hill was fired in MayThe Seattle Times reported.

Action Answer a Hill had an argument with his neighbor, Jen Jin, over the disposal of dog bones in the apartment complex They lived in a suburb of Seattle.

The Seattle Police Office of Internal Investigation has recommended a series of disciplinary actions ranging from a 30-day suspension to termination. Hill was fired by then-Police Chief Adrian Diaz on May 2, according to police spokesman Eric Munoz..

The AP could not reach Hill for comment.

The former police chief was fired by Mayor Bruce Harrell after he said the police force under Diaz was discriminatory and hostile toward women and people of color.. Diyas has categorically denied the allegations.

An audio recording of the argument between Hill and Ginn, originally published in The Stranger newspaper and cited in the police report, accused Hill of throwing food scraps that Hill’s dog tried to eat, and Hill hurling threats and insults at Ginn.

In the audio, provided to the police agency by the China Information and Service Center Group, Hill uses derogatory terms toward women and Asians, and repeatedly calls Jin an “idiot.”. At one point he even tells him “you are going to jail”.

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Internal Affairs Police Agency Director Gino Betts Jr. maintained two of the three charges of police unprofessionalism and bias against Hill. A third allegation of abuse of police power for personal gain was left unfinished. The police department’s report was released this month.

Neither The Seattle Times nor the Seattle Police Union or the internal police agency responded to messages seeking comment.

said Michael Itti, executive director of the China Information and Services Center, which launched an anti-bias program in 2020 to combat anti-Asian attitudes. Jin showed “great courage” in filing a complaint against Hill. Itti said many people associated with his group expressed their satisfaction with the outcome.

“They want to know that the police department upholds its professional values,” Itty said.

According to the investigation, after listening to the recording, Hill told investigators, “Yeah, it sounds like it’s me,” but added, “You’re not supposed to say those things … and it hurts me to think it’s me. He said to her.