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An adventurous journey in search of a treasure of serenity and luxury

An adventurous journey in search of a treasure of serenity and luxury

As a psychologist, I work daily with people who want to improve some aspects of their lives. Most of them have in common that they are asking for help Purpose of change, repair or correction Something that worries them, results in dissatisfaction, anxiety, sadness or fear. They want to live a better and calmer life, so after a long thought they take the step, and with courage and courage, they dare to do An adventurous journey of self-knowledgeLike a novel by Jules Verne with the aim of finding the lost treasure: Serenity and well-being are the cornerstones of emotional health.

The journey of self-knowledge is magical, enriching and anything but boring. For some people, it is an adventure to a mysterious island of lights and shadows, with paths full of surprising discoveries in which, after crossing an emerald green forest, turquoise waterfalls in which some waterfalls flow suddenly appear. The most valuable personal strengths like like Willpower and self-esteemThose that fill the heart with hope and illusion. Likewise, for others it is like a journey into the universe, a journey that departs from the earth under a starry sky in the direction of polar star intelligence Sentimental or star of firmness and healthy relationships, the one that lights the way like a beacon light on stormy nights.

But let us not deceive ourselves, for all that glitters is not gold, for to reach the treasure of serenity and luxury we must follow a sometimes thorny path, where difficulties arise that test our mental strength, The ability to be humble and recognize our shortcomings. Let’s not forget that the secret of this adventurous journey is to keep in mind that in all the treasure maps out there, Obstacles and hostile and opposite situations always appearWhether it is a dangerous mountain with steep, steep peaks that we must climb, or deep, dark caves filled with feelings of uncertainty. However, let’s not forget that we are not alone. By our side we have these friends’ travel companions and Treasure the people we trust and can count on. The key is knowing how to recognize and take care of them, as they often give us strength, passion, encouragement and confidence when we lose our self-confidence and are emotionally drained.

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The truth is that with the support and trust of our people, in our strength, our abilities and our knowledge of ourselves, we can achieve serenity and luxury. To achieve this we must Learn to develop the ability to humbly define our limits حدود, in order to keep oneself under control. If we do not manage it properly, we can risk falling into the abyss of unrealistic and distorted beliefs, such as “I can do everything”, “I am indomitable”, “I have nothing to fear” … often with disastrous results; Selfishness, superiority complex and loneliness. Therefore, it is recommended to take advantage of moments of adversity Practice courage and humility, especially when one faces inner fears head on, those related to making mistakes, defects and insecurity.

In conclusion, in my personal and professional experience, doing introspection to know the lights and shadows, and trying to change the source of unhappiness, is A unique and brave journey. At first it may seem that facing fears is the most difficult approach, because what we imagine is often worse than reality. However, I believe that taking this step is worth it as long as it is done wisely, and in a safe and kind environment, where The satisfaction in discovering the taste of your bravery and courage is unparalleled and delicious. A feeling of happiness that will undoubtedly remain in the emotional memory forever, becoming a reference memory when facing any negative situation in the future. As the great Jules Verne said: “There are no impossible obstacles; there are only strong and weak wills,” therefore, with help, commitment and strength of will, it is possible to achieve almost everything that one plans. And if you have doubts and need a little support to take a step towards the great adventure, I recommend reading his works Journey to the Center of the EarthAnd the Around the world in eighty days s Twenty thousand leagues of underwater travel. I guarantee that it is impossible to remain idle in front of his ability to tell stories and awaken your spirit of adventure.

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