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Amnistía sugiere a los países investigar espionaje ‘Pegasus’

Amnesty International advises countries to investigate Pegasus intelligence

Erica Guevara Rosas, director of Amnesty International for the United States, on Tuesday called on the world community to “hastily” suspend the sale and transfer of surveillance equipment in their territories until it establishes an “adequate” regulatory framework. Respect human rights. .

The lawyer was interviewed by the media for the TV show “La Cosa Como S” written by journalist Edith Phoebles, the protagonist of a global scandal days ago, within the framework of providing details and information about military quality spyware “Pegasus”.

In his recommendations to countries that have been subjected to massive intelligence, Guevara stressed that states must ensure that people understand the impact of this type of surveillance technology.

“On the other hand, it holds not only the states but also the companies involved in developing this type of technology accountable,” he said.

The director of the organization called on the states to “release information about past and present or future agreements with private monitoring companies.”

He called on governments to respond to requests for information made by individuals and the media so that they not only know the consequences of the use of these programs, but also create a “space for transparency”.

“We call for the implementation of legislative tools within their borders and to limit digital surveillance to the people, especially with the intention of violating their human rights,” he said.

In addition to Israel, the home country of the NSO that created the spyware, Guevara acknowledged that there are other countries with companies capable of developing this type of technology, such as the United States. “We also make a call to these countries,” he added.

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The director of the international agency pointed out that Amnesty International in the United States provides support to human rights activists, defenders and journalists by calling 50,000 registration numbers.

“What we recommend is that they launch an investigation into their own country,” Guevara said.

He asked citizens to ask their governments for “specific information” so that contracts are transparent and lists of potential numbers that could be compromised or compromised by this type of monitoring software are known.

Through the website Amnesty.org/proyectopegasus, the organization provides technical tools to prevent hacking or espionage, one of which is a guide to determine if cyber surveillance is at risk.



“We will continue to release preventive information on how to avoid surveillance,” said Amnesty International Director.


Guevara Rosas says Israeli company NSO has begun developing “0-click” technology so that a device can become “infected” without a person entering a “malicious connection”.


“This is a dimension that creates terrorism (…) which undoubtedly endangers people’s rights to life, security and integrity,” he concluded.