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AMLO receives in Nayarit the first 8 Cuban doctors hired by Mexico - El Financiero

AMLO receives in Nayarit the first 8 Cuban doctors hired by Mexico – El Financiero

a group of Eight Cuban doctors They will work in the hospital IMSS- luxury From the municipality of Rosamorada, Nayarit, although it is expected to be 60 Those who reside in different parts of the state; It was Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who ratified Recruit He said despite the “conservative” opinion.

“It was an instruction I gave, knowing how our opponents, the conservatives, would respond, ‘I have made a decision to appoint specialist doctors from abroad, and doctors will come from Cuba (…) because health has nothing to do with ideologies, it is about human rights, and if they should be brought from The United States, from Russia, from Cuba, Japan or France, we will bring them here, but the important thing is their presence,” Lopez Obrador insisted, during his visit to the municipality.

In addition, the president said that the priority is that Activate hospitals in both shifts And weekends, from then until now, there are communities where there are no doctors attending on Saturdays and Sundays.

For his part, Minister of Health Jorge Al-Koser confirmed that before the insufficiency of the specialized medical staff in Nayarit, they appointed them 49 Foreigner.

“I know 49 specialist doctors were contracted, that, as you all know, it is clearly insufficient, and you will know in due course the complementary strategy for it; What was previously suggested, which is the use of doctors from abroad to fill these jobs.” He said between shouts and Demands of a local health worker Not satisfied because they confirm the lack of clarity of places delivery.

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The Mexico Health System Consortium will give you all the money you need, AMLO promises

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He promised that there would be no funding ceiling for the federalization of the health system in MexicoThis is during the report on the 100 days of the fourth year of his reign, which was held this Tuesday.

During the report, he indicated that he would not talk about the budget allocated to the plan, Since there is no “financial cap” or limitAnd allocate all necessary funds.

As progress in this area, the President stated that Inventories have been conducted on at least 14 entities in the countrywhich is the same thing that managed to get knowledge of the needs of every health center in Mexico.

We have already started in Nayarit with the new assessment plan to get results and Repeat the voluntary method of federalism in all states”, explained Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador during his report, which was conducted at the National Palace.

In terms of health, the President also emphasized that clinical analyzes and Providing 100 percent medicines throughout Mexico; The positions and job benefits of more than 80,000 health workers will also be settled.

President Lopez Obrador promised that with the strengthening of the health sector, All centers will be staffed even on weekends Because “people get sick also on Saturdays and Sundays.”

Finally, confirm it The Department will continue efforts to ensure that each health center has GPsand health professionals.

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