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AMLO. Asegura que se cumplirá con todos los requisitos para regresar a categoría 1 de seguridad aérea

Amlo. Ensures that all requirements for return to Type 1 aircraft safety are met

After the administration of the United States Federal Aviation (FAADecided to put its abstract in English) Degradation of Mexico in Type 2The President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Vin assured that this decision has been taken due to pressure Interest groups And is Political motives, For this reason, he called on international organizations not to “screen” us, accusing him of “not all being honest”.

At a morning news conference, the head of the federal administration pointed out that there were groups who were upset that Mexico City’s new International Airport (NAICM) was not built on Lake Texco.

The federal leader confirmed that a review was underway All requirements will be met To return Type 1.

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“A review is being made, all the requirements are being met and I hope there will be no problem. Of course they are taking advantage, there are interests, starting with those who do not love us and still regretting that the airport was not built on Lake Texco, they have not yet calmed down their anger.

“It’s important to note that not all international organizations are honest, and we should not protect ourselves in all areas (…) because there have always been group, business and financial interests in general. The most important thing here is to act honestly and respect the rule of law. , There are liberties, of course, that do not allow corruption, the practice of justice.

At the National Palace, the federal president promised that the decision would be used by the opposition to criticize his government.

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“They already specialize in everything: suddenly the campaign of dangers began at the current Mexico City airport, with dispatchers, professionals, even campaigns telling passengers that it was my fault if there was a delay in passing customs. He was the fault secretary of the Navy, he worked at the airport, etc.

“But hey, we want to respond to all the requests that are made to us,” he stressed.

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