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American universities award scholarships to 7 students of the Faculty of Science

Seven students from College of Science subordinate Colima University (five women and two men) who received a Scholarship to continue his studies Postgraduate In universities and institutes United Statevisited this Friday University President Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zerminiowho recognized the enduring and passionate work of the faculty on this campus, and who has been passionate for several years about scientific reseach For young people from high school.

Young people will get a Scholarship and one for maintenance, which will be renewed every year until 2026. They are Carolina Estevez Loza, who will study at Rochester Institute of Technology; Viridiana Abigail Márquez Dávila, who will do so in Indiana University at Bloomington; Pavel Elian Morales Medina, who will go to University of Missouriand Itzelle Salazar Segovia, who will study at University of California, Davis.

Miguel Angel Soto Alcaraz also received a scholarship to go to University of Kansas; Maria Fernanda Torres Cabrera, who will attend University of Houston; and Victoria Guadalupe Valdez Prudencio, who will be in University of Iowa.

The University’s president He congratulated the students and professors and acknowledged the important work he had done for several years College of Science; “A job that often allows its students to have the possibility to study a Postgraduate of the highest level in different parts of the world.”

He congratulated them on this important achievement “which will determine the future of their lives in family, personal, work and disciplinary matters, because it is a lifelong decision.” Colima Universitybeing public, has the important task of making every effort so that young people have the opportunity to study in order to get a job.”

The peculiarities are highlighted College of Science“That explains a lot about being able to get this opportunity today. The first is your high level Teaching Factorywhich can compete not only with its peers in the country but also internationally.” Another reason, he said, is the small enrollment of this community, which allows for personal training and high integration with its principals and teachers.

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He stressed that, “It is clear that they are competitive because they are at the level of the best; they have no fault with anyone studying at a university public institute or special.

The University’s president It did not fail to acknowledge the support of families, not only financially, but also to encourage them to study a Postgraduate In another country, “It is not an easy situation because culturally it is not uncommon for families to encourage their children to drop out of school. Mexico“.

Before ending his letter, remind them that University “It will always be your home, your home alma materHe added, “Everything you need is within the university’s reach. Do not hesitate to contact your director or university official to support you.”

On his part, the Director of the College of Science and his professor also said, Andres Pedrozahighlighted that behind this achievement is the appropriate work of Colima University“like a public institute The state is tasked with training professionals in various fields. This group of students about to graduate is just a sample of this work.”

In his participation highlighted that Scholarship students He also graduated from High School 1, 4 and 33, with the exception of one of them, which is ForeignerAnd everyone got involved College of Science Since they were high school graduates Heisenberg Institute Based on Women in Science Workshopwhich they coordinate from the same college.

Moreover, he said that Destination universities It was they who chose to study, because in many cases they had more than one offer, so that they could choose the institution in which they wanted to study according to their liking.

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While taking the floor, the two young men Victoria and Itzelle thanked their teachers for the effort, passion and support they showed throughout the process that led them to this scholarship. Both agreed to their demand to continue, “not to give up and to continue working as they have done so far”. They said they would do everything they could to do the same.

Director General of International Relations and Academic Cooperation, Genoveva Amador VirusSpeaking of quality and international competition, he said, they are not referring to the work of a particular office, “but to the day-to-day work in the classroom of teachers who teach their students to learn.”

Today, he added, “is the result of an international competition with the best students in the world.” It was announced that with the teaching, research and higher education units, the experience of College of Science To build a mechanism that affects students from other universities in the same way University.

Research Coordinator, Zuchchitel TrujilloCall Woodcox So, on your next vacation in ColimaTalk to other students to encourage the training of more researchers. He added, “They are now Mexico’s ambassadorsbut directly from Colima University“.

As a gesture of good wishes, Christian Torres Ortiz Give each student a pin UdeC He asked not to forget, upon their return from vacation, to contact the institution to schedule a talk or conference with high school students and inform them of what it is like to conduct research and study Postgraduate abroad.

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